Concluded! Discord F.I.X Tournament! 4/18, 6:30pm PST (Updates, it's happening!)

RESULTS (I’ll reach out to you winners in the AM for prizes and such):

3rd Place: @gcoomans Gethin came in with a lot of heart, and beat out the rest of the squad before ultimately succumbing to the might of our seasoned vets.

2nd Place: Kyle Nations! Is he on the forums? Someone tag him. Kyle came in and killed it with some bangers, and was the only one to cause our champ to earn any letters!

1st Place: @edhaponik Ed was a favorite to win it from the start (obviously, legend) and did not disappoint. In the end, the shoot-the-moon-out between the top two knocked Kyle out and earned the title!

Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated!

Special shoutout to @chaosgow for helping with the format and getting us properly onto the Discord channel to make this possible.

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it, as this format will be a really easy way for a lot of folks to join up for things like this, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

I was watching a PDX-YO Instagram Live where two of those yahoos played F.I.X, just like H.O.R.S.E but with fixie tricks! I was thinking it would be super fun to have a tournament with this game. Low impact, super accessible, and super quick! I was thinking single-elimination, bracket-style, like March Madness. I am super bad at organizing stuff like this, and don’t think I have enough trust built to do prizes or anything, but I think I could make it happen.

Update: It will be on the r/throwers Discord! You’ll need to access it from a computer, rather than a mobile device, but should be real nice. Thanks to @chaosgow for the info and suggestion!

Update: @gcoomans has generously put some prizes up for grabs! See pics in the thread below.

Update: @YoYoExpertGarrett has generously put up som YYE Gift Codes for us! $25/$15/$10 for 1st/2nd/3rd place!

Update: An artist, and friend of @gcoomans has made us a sick poster/flyer dealio! Go support her @juliewittrockart on Instagram!

If you are planning on being with us, please let us know in the thread here! While you are welcome to just show up, a rough headcount would be nice, as right now I’m looking at maybe 10-15 max.

We’re going to do a bracket-style, single-elimination.
-Any odd numbers at the end of a bracket I think would get a bye, then jump in once the numbers even out.
-We’ll go one-on-one with F.I.X. Rock Paper Scissors for who goes first in each match-up. Do a trick, other person matches it or gets a letter. Two tries on the X, for that clutch save feeling.
-Keep it to discrete well-known elements and a max of 3 (eg, trapese stall, brother stall, double or nothing stall, return).
-Once we get to the Final Four, we’ll switch to F.I.X.E.D to make it a little more interesting (time permitting).
-Since we’ll have a first place, 2nd place, and two 3rd’s, those two 3rd’s will either go another round with each other for the place, or maybe do sudden death, what do you think? Let them pick?

Chime in! Sound off! Huzzah!


Do. It.



Oh dude I’m so into that! I was thinking of challenging individuals to play butterfly horse with me but this sounds cool! I work on Saturdays still so my vote would be for later than 5 mountain time but no worries if I’m outvoted lol.


The nighttime is the right time.

Rally some support! Ill put a time and day poll in the main post here.


Epicccc I’ll throw it up on the gram, what time are we thinking?




Alrighty I’ll offer up some dank prizes to spark interest (hopefully!) Since I don’t know how many peeps are attending, I’ll do a 1st, 2nd, 3rd for at least 10 participatants, and a 1st 2nd for under 10. If you win, you’ll get a toybania thing, a super fun delrin responsive. If you take 2nd, you’ll get a spinworthy scorcher, a super solid butterfly shaped fixie. Third place (or also first if under ten) lands you a cambium, hand made by MikeMonty, a fun one piece design. Because I like to have people go after me, if you are the person who takes me out of the competition you will win some monkeyfinger kokonutz, super rad begleri. Here’s some pics:

Thing, scorcher, cambium

The “I beat Gethin” prize (your choice of string and bumper colour)


Generous AF! Hope we get some interest.


In terms of rules do we wanna make it “horse” or “fix” maybe fix for general competition and then horse for finals?


I like that. Fix up to the final 4 maybe? Then fixed.


Yeah that’s good!! I’m gonna make a cool poster with cool people yoyoing or something and then post it upp is Saturday at 6:30 the plan?


Apparently Zoom is bad and has a lot of security problems. I’ve been doing daily video meets on the r/throwers discord though.

Also, Team GBK (London yoyo club) play bind pig (P.I.G) at meets all the time, it’s a lot of fun. Might be a fun plan for next week?


That would be awesome if we could attach it to that!

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Hell’s yes. What time are you thinking?

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Yes let’s do that time.

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I’m on most of the time every day and can play whenever. Doesn’t matter if it’s 2 of us or 8 of us, it’s always a fun time. It just doesn’t work on phones right now and you need to download the app on your laptop/computer

Here’s a link to the server though -


Not a problem I don’t think.


I’ve also been doing Google Hangouts with my friends, we can do that on a phone I would just need everyone’s email addresses to send it too


This sounds cool. I’m in.