Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!


They had some production delays, but we should be getting more Speedaholics eventually. No ETA right now.

We just had a release of the Peak 2 yesterday. No word on what’s coming next yet.


When are Alleycats releasing on YYE? And what colors will you guys have?


We should be getting them in the next week or two.

Colors: Black, Green, Purple, Cobalt, Silver w/blueblue, Green w/ pink+yllw, Pink w/ Black.


I’m taping up the fedex box of them now, so they should have them real soon!


When will Yoyoexpert have the three new Duncan yoyos? The Windrunner, MKT, and Grasshopper X?

And will yoyoexpert also get Candy Dice? the new counterweight from yoyomaker?


Windrunner definitely, those are in production now and we may even have a special edition in the works! Not sure on the other two yet, but if they’re doing full runs then I would guess we’ll be getting some.

Counterweights would have to be licensed by Duncan to sell in the U.S. - Not sure if they’re licensed or if they plan to license them, but we can try to find out if/when we can get any.

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WHEN WILL YOU GET MORE METAL SKYVAS ,I know another website that has them but i may just get them from you.

if i could do one thing on an island it would be FINGERSPINS!


There’s some in stock right now, we got a small restock of what they had left. Currently waiting on 2nd run production, no ETA on a full restock yet.


Any word on the unknown edition Takos?



Just got them in, trying to get them up later today or tomorrow.

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hello, again.
help, am i just not seeing it. looking for slick 8 50/50 string.


The only 50/50 string we stock is slick 6.


I was wondering if yoyo expert is expecting a restock on One Drop Benchmark H, and Topdeck in the near future?


There should be more Top Decks, but they aren’t scheduled in the immediate future. Benchmarks are less likely, haven’t heard anything about a restock.

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hello, will YYE have the new YYR Slepnir thats been released?


Yes, on their way here now. Sleipnir and the new YYR Fireworks!


speaking of One Drops, any word on Gradients?


Will you bet getting any more mini-star 2s? :slight_smile: