Anyone getting a New Yoyo Soon? (Polished Shutter, AC2, Markmont.Classic)

I’m looking at that beautiful Polished Shutter, but it’s going to be $20 more. Also, I see the revamped Arctic Circle is coming out, and you guys are probably gonna jump on it. So, anyone getting some new yoyos soon? If so, what? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Polished Shutters are out! No more in Aqua colors like Gentry used at Worlds, but still a few Green, Black, and Gold.

The AC2 has been out for a few months now, it just hasn’t been sold at YYE yet(or has it? idk :smiley: )

I won’t have the money for a AC2 due to other yoyo’s coming out. Going to be getting some Markmont Classics, Silver Summit and a Yeti when those come out.

May look at a Fools Gold AC2 if any are released.

It has before lol

I mean the 2nd Expedition, I don’t follow CLYW like you guys so I wouldn’t know, I just saw it in the New Subforum. :slight_smile: Also, it releases in one day so

AC2 proper name is Arctic Circle: 2nd Expedition. You probably mean second run.

Yea AC2 and 2nd expedition is the same thing.

They dropped a few months ago, this is the 2nd wave of them

I’m gonna get a Yeti when the next run comes.

I’m real stoked on the Markmont Classic, I want to pick up a Laser after that.(order may be reversed if I get impatient with One Drop)
And find a couple well priced YWETs, :).

Really looking forward to the Markmont Classic, hoping I can nab one of the black ones when it drops. I’d really like them to add a nickel or silver plated version, I’d buy either of those instead. But if the black, blue, and raw annos are the only release colors, I’ll probably end up with two Classics eventually.

Yeti, nickel markmont classic.

Maybe a scout or chief as well.

Okay, I added the Markmont Classic to the topic list, because it seems like everyone wants it.
Anyways, AC2 is coming out in an hour. I wonder how fast they will sell out. The Northern Lights looks gorgeous :o

There are still 14 AC2’s left in stock. Wow. I’m not gonna get one though I’m saving for a yeti.

Me too, I’m getting a 3a pair. Blue and what else?

Markmont.Classic, baby. Still dunno which colour to get. Might have to go Nickel…