What yoyo are you hoping to get?

Instead of talking about what yoyos you have, how about which yoyos you want? I REALLY want a yyr dazzler, but I know that’s not going to happen.


Ohh I forgot about that… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s quite the sum for a yoyo. Cool for those who have obtained one. No hope required but I was considering picking up a spacecowboy or a yeti. Maybe after I learn a new trick or two.

Tropic Spins Finch or Beserker SS or maybe both.

AC2 tonight, I have to work, so I showed my girlfriend how to get it, and it’s stressing me out haha

that might put you down into the “having ramen noodle soup would be good” category…

A Gradient. Hoping to get one soon.

I’d love to find somebody willing to trade their OD Sovereign. Like, I’d trade double the value of the Sovereign for one.

Other than that, here are the others I’d really like to find, most of them are also discontinued/out of stock which makes it difficult:

Anti-yo Viszilla
Spencer Berry Walter
YYR Draupnir (black, green, or tempered rims)
SPYY Addiction (all black or green/dark green acid wash)
YYR Dazzler
OD Markmont. Project
ODxCLYW Wooly Markmont
YYR Laser (Slate)
YYF Ricochet
3yo3 Bassline 2 (black or nickel)
SPYY Flying V

And now, I’m heavily considering jumping on that new YYF titanium bandwagon…

Yes, Absolutely The End

lol nice

I just ordered an Aconcagua Summit but I’m hoping to get a last run ac2 cause idk if I can get this run

A yeti and a bi-metal genesis. Almost got a b-grade genesis lastnight but was too slow. So I ordered a cyborg 2.0, man that thing looks sexy with all them curves lol

I’d really like a YYR Draupnir and a TP Palpitation to see what everyone is so in love with, but realistically, my “to buy” list is

CLYW Cliff
CLYW last run AC2 (since I’m broke right now)
YYF Space Cowboy
CLYW Orca (Probably going to have to wait until 2nd run)
Irony JPX

All I ever want to get eventually is a Draupnir.

M10 or maj

Everything I’d like to get is going to be releasing somewhat soon.

My main want that isn’t is the Anti-Yo Küntosh.

Walter tho

i want an Irony JPX but when i looked last they only had a pink one left

:wink: ;D ::slight_smile: