What yoyo are you hoping to get?

I’m easy, a Fidalgo…

But I tried a Summit last night and really liked it, so that may get on the list of wants.

Yyj classic glow

Yyj classic glow

One of the ti yoyos that are coming out

I hope to one day get a OD bi-metal. Or the OD titanium… Anything would be awesome!

I’m hoping they reach 20,000 so I do get my yyf ti.

I’m with LeDave, I would much prefer the new yyf titanium than a refund.

I got a Fidalgo! I was going to pass but since they are so limited I had to get one. It will go nicely with my Walter. :slight_smile:

I am hoping to get a Kuntosh and a Fellhoelter Titanium.