If you could..

If you could buy any one yoyo right now what would it be?

Fortunately, my current finances permit me to buy any yoyo I desire, it’s just down to my self control to stop myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said my current temptation is the Yoyorecreation Dazzler. I only own one Titanium so I’m interested in trying another, I also love many of YYRs yoyos so I’m pretty sure I’d love it. I think my next actual purchase will probably be one of the new CLYW Sasquatches when they drop, probably along with a Shu-Ta and Regen if they’re in stock at the same time. :slight_smile:

2 sick queen…

I’ve been eye-ing that gold 2sick Queen… have you played one?

Either the Palpitation or the Anglam. Just… perfect

right now im looking to spend around 150-200 on an order which includes some string and maybe response. deciding between:
Gold Queen
Hairband Cascade
Gold Benchmark “V”
2x Clear Diffusion

Decisions, decisions

I’d like to find a Sovereign or Catch 22 I think, neither of which are in my budget at the moment.


The BIST tondo. I want this yoyo sooooooo bad! it’s been discontinued. :frowning:

It’s sho dope.


Practicing moderation and restraint, so, the next yoyo I buy will likely be a shutter, and it will be a birthday present (to me) In the past 2 weeks I’ve purchased a Too H. O. T, 86400 and a OneStar. Time to be learning more tricks and buying less yoyos :wink:

I’d buy a Walter.

a Summit

A tp rt

They say the Pacquiao is fun…