what are you wanting?

what are you saving up for to buy? im saving for a pgm

The Canvas! Or Chief! :slight_smile:

A freehand zero, modded by someone who likes to mod fhz! :stuck_out_tongue:


Either a Code 1, or a that new Werrd Split decision thats coming out tomorrow. :wink:

my next purchase will most likely be a dif-fly ‘f’ - by dif-e-yo…



one of the new duncan echo’s ;D

Im thinking a Dietz,Canvas, or Omni-x

One of those or a Dietz.

Would like Trident, Zen 6, Raptor (buying soon), Solaris, Bassline, Dietz, Code 1, Caferacer, Wooly Marmot, Void, Noctu, Lynx, Singularity, Confection, Battosai (Super want), Poo, and irony!

Oh yeah, and the E=mc2

A Thunderwasp

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superwide, poo - really want this

I don’t really know. I’ve got a good chunk in my yoyo budget but haven’t decided what to get yet.


More yoyoers in my area.

Either a sasquatch, code 1, or a momentum (i can’t decide which!!)

actually, almost any of the Duncan screaming eagle now that i think of it

WERRD poo WERRD irony both of them for my bday wont change mind if the yoyo is called poo it must be really good maybe they named it that bc its just too awesome to take off your hand just like how hard it is to shake poo off your hand the next one will be either a solaris or canvas which one first solaris or canvas

c3 halo