Next Purchases

Alrighty, this is where you post your next purchases (that you know of). Say when, what, and from where.

For me (and this is definitely liable to change), is the CZM84VK and SuperNova on Black Friday from YYE.

What about you guys(/girls)?

My next purchase will definitely be a Duncan Strix (Gold). But I can’t mention other online stores…so I can’t tell you where I am going to get it for only $42!

My will either be a general yo prestige or one drop format c cause thats whats looking interesting now.

Okay, then. PM me and tell me where. ;D

I want a CLYW bad I’m deciding betweent the Summit or the Artic Circle. I’ll definitely get one of those on black friday, and where else than YYE! ;D lol

What- Hopefully a C3 Mo-vitation

Where- probably a forum member here

When- I dont know… It could be now :wink: BRING ME MOVITATION PLEASE :smiley:

Well i would like to get within the next 5 months a:
Whatever augies new yoyo is called
A gnarwhal 2
And maybe a bvm2 or chief possibly a summit lol

I’m going to be buying an Overdrive. Been eyeing that throw for too long…

I am grabbing a c3 speedaholic, as well as some strings this week, and then a yeti ASAP (a gift card from my birthday two days ago made this possible).

As soon as I come across some disposable income I"m going to try and find a Spyy Punchline (maybe from a forum member who has one and willing to sell). The hard part is going to be finding someone who wouldn’t mind losing theirs in return for some cash

I have to buy a few more H.O.T.s, another Ricochet, and hopefully things work out to get a Dazzler. It would be great, if I could find a mint blue blizzard Avalanche. I just have my eye on those throws, for now.

I have a question. What do you do for a living?

I’m getting a really good plastic, I haven’t decided which one, a one drop Burnside, and a Dark Magic 2, and also from YYE.


I have an answer…but not the one you wanted. I don’t take offense to your inquiry, but I consider that a personal question. I have two degrees, I am gainfully employed, and I make enough money to afford yo-yos. :slight_smile:

If there is some specific reason you want to know, I might provide more detail to satisfy your curiosity. But, I think the above sums it up. :slight_smile: Thanks for asking.

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^^^ HAHA That was funny!!!

My next yoyo buys are:

Gnarwhal 2
Purple Yeti

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^ Hmmm, I will likely pass on all of those. I think I’m slowing down.



It’s fine. Just making a joke :slight_smile:

Ok here are orders I have in the works as soon as my doggy get bill is paid off.

Quake in buried treasure
Recrev in green/black fade
Prestige in purple sage
Hi^5 chief
And a hi^5
Clear rally
Catch 22
Any mint GenYo in wooden box (maybe a few styles of both the blonde wood and the rare black walnut).
Glacier express
Two collab holsters
TotalArtist holster or three
Jokers wild summit

And a few others that just are on my memory right now

I really want a CLYW hat but I cannot bring myself to spend the 42.50 on one :confused:

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I may snatch up a speedaholic and then be done for a while. Although I am also eyeing one of those New-Era Duncan hats, my Element New Era hat is about 6 years old now so I am in the market for some new head wear.