What's your summer purchase?


Just want to know what will be in your purchase for summer.

Here is mine:

Silver or Purple Duncan Strix, haven’t heard much about it but for $55 you can’t go wrong.
Maybe a Duncan FHZ, been wanting to try 5A and wanting to explore with Duncan.
5 packs of 10 Green YYSL Type X.

I think that’ll be all, now let’s here what you guys will be getting.


Whatever looks good at worlds! ;D
I would also like to try some yysl ammo.


Same as LEDGER. I’mma get me some nice swag there. I’m thinking YYR, TP, maybe YYJ, I dunno.


What TP and YYR models were you looking at?


I bought a 3rd run peak, Alex B peak, a cotton candy dream summit and yesterday a NSC brown/green quantum … I think im done with the summer buys… For now.


2 Peaks? ???


Well, there’s this Kendama contest that is going on next month here in Washington. CLYW, One Drop, and YYF will attend. I will be picking up some throws there.


lol all my money is tied up in a bass, so I’m counting on a free Quantum for my summer purchase.


DC or state? I’m planning on going to Washington DC next month, so maybe I could attend if it is there, but I’m assuming you meant Washington State.


Well, I’m probably going to get a gnarwhal on the July 4th sale.


got a diamondback already hopeing to get a cliff avalanch and bvm2 as well mabey a trigger


So far:

Yoyojam Trigger, Surge, Classic.

Might get whatever I can at Ohio States this year.

Anyone know if there will be vending?


Washington state. Of course, I will probably pick up a Kendama too. I’m hoping for a Cliff or BvM 2, a Chik, and some random YYF throw.


YYE and Duncan had booths last year.


Depending on the deals will guide what and when.

There’s nothing I want from the YYR sale, I think. I might snag a Dreadnaught just to have one.

If there is a sale at YYE, then probably a Diamondback and Theory.

Depending on sales elsewhere, my purchases may move to where I get the best price, or has what I want.

I am scheduled to get a Proton very soon.

I have new One Drops heading my way soon. A Chik is reserved, just waiting for a Rally to drop, and if possible the other new One Drop. They’ll just pile up and ship at once.

Depending how nuts I feel:
Werrd Irony or Irony JP, Hour and Sentinel

Most of my other wants are more “common items”, so no urgency to have to get them.

But, the odds are I won’t be getting very much this summer. I need to spend around $6K on a new digital mixing console with options and cases. I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied.


Awesome! That means I might be able to grab a Pair of Duncan Hornets or maybe a Strix


Ya and the way the prices have gotten im still recovering from that. I just about done with my expensive yoyo collection so it will be nice to start on the cheaper yoyo collection. Some plastics and Chinese stuff. I love them all :slight_smile:


Mmmm, YYR: Draupnir and maybe Overdrive. I’ll try what I they got.
TP: Isotope, Positron, whatever


What’s this about a 4th of July sale? Is it real?

(SR) #20

Yes. It’s real, they have it every year.

I just bought a non-mint M10 from the BST, which I’ve been looking for for awhile because I wouldn’t want to damage my super nice one while in public.

I’m also planning on purchasing the CLYW Yeti and OD Rally when they release.

That’s it for now, but I’ll probably purchase other stuff at this summer’s contests.