Next buys/ trades


What are your next couple yoyos you plan on buying or trading for?

For me:

  1. space cadet
  2. skyva


I’ve got some stuff on order. But other than that I’ve only got a few yoyo’s I’m waiting for and I’m pretty much done.

44RPM Surf
Spencer Berry’s Theodore
2 different unannounced yoyos.


I’m looking for a spyy punch line repeater and that’s about it right now. I would be interested in trying a skyva and I’ve already got a space cadet on the way.

(InvaderDust) #4

Next big purchase is what ever the CLYW x Luftverk collab is called.


thinking about getting a new clyw/general yo… all the ones i have now are considered old​:joy::joy: also the first metal yoyo that diverse animals comes out with


Skyva and a fools gold something


-Yeti 2.0


CLYW Yeti,and Tessa Signature-IT HAS THE AC2 CUP-YEEEESSSSSS-and compass or luftverk collab


Matte Blue Draupnir


One that points me in the right direction. August can’t get here fast enough.

(InvaderDust) #11

Is this a hint towards a Compass? Ill be getting one at Worlds for sure, Was hoping for some boss splashes for the Manatees but no dice. . .

CLxLF collab is a grail yoyo for me at the moment. All hands on deck for that drop. :slight_smile:


Just ordered a Replay Pro because I hadn’t gotten around to it yet for some reason. Looking forward to the Yeti 2 because that coke green is pretty and Chris/Steve are great guys. Theodore because Spencer is a friend and I love Walter. Maybe a Cabal because I somehow have gotten this far and never owned a OneDrop. Hildy Currier because they are cool.


Definitely a YoyoFactory Space Cadet is on the agenda. I have Ex Machina coming in the mail too.


Currier is one of my favorite fixed axles, have a few including a custom whiskey barrel oak currier. I’d have to agree with everything else you said, and HIGHLY recommend the Cabal :slight_smile:


Bought a space cadet today so I have to have a next two :wink:

I’m thinking

  1. Skyva
  2. Edge
  3. Space cowboy
    Not sure though…


not sure would like the Skyva it looks really nice.


I’m in the market for a draupnir…


My next two I’m looking into :slight_smile:

  1. Elysian (going on like 3 months of looking or so)
  2. Skyva


Next 3:
Core Co. Standard
44 RPM Surf

(InvaderDust) #20

The lack of hype for the Tundra is rather pleasing to my anxious ear hahaa