Next buys/ trades

  1. I have a bunch of plastics coming in (trade in progress)

  2. Something super super stable (any ideas?)


I only plan on buying one more yoyo then I’m done for a bit but I do want a bimetal, not sure which one I was thinking Space Cadet, I also want to buy a new Shutter since mines been through hell and back lol!


Skyva, maybe a dm2, some sort of bimetal, maybe a superstar.

(InvaderDust) #24

Get that superstar. Its a steal for the cost.


I’m getting the 5000QV, and then I’m going to be selling some stuff! At least that’s what I’m telling myself… ::slight_smile:


I’m thinking of getting:

  1. G2 Banshee

  2. Another Skyva (new translucend plastic)

  3. Waiting for my 2Sickyoyo Pawn to arrive.

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I’m going to get a terrarian or other OD at PNWR, and maybe a space cadet or edge?


Waiting on my C3X Fingerspin to arrive. Can’t wait!!


Nice! Let us know how you like it! :slight_smile:


Will do


I definitely want my next throw to be a OD but it’s so hard to pick one. Any thoughts?


I seriously want the od gradient. But my next buy will be a black or gray corruption.


I want to get a shutter (want to try one still), quint, and bbb quark!


I was lucky to snag an al7 wolf the other day. Can’t wait till it comes in.


Deff looking to get a Tako, MKT, And a Wind runner.


My next purchase is going to be a Slepinir. Hopefully. Unless I get distracted


First Nates new yoyo, than a mkt

(yospeedracer) #38

Nice :+1:

(yospeedracer) #39

I was at the door after filling out the form and pressed PayPal and all 7 wolfs were gone


I know how you feel. Its happened to me a few times. I really didn’t expect to get one with the very limited amount.