What are the next couple of yoyos you hope to get?

Mine are…

  1. HSpin The CUT

  2. CLYW Bassalope

  3. YYF G5

  1. 888 (Getting an 09 Aqua - Thanks Connor!)
  2. YoYoFactory Skyline
  3. CLYW BvM
  4. One-Drop P2
  5. YoYoFactory Velocity (Getting one - Thanks Robert!)
  1. DM

  2. Speeder

  3. Velocity


888, then my collection will be complete!

1 M1

2 skyline

3 milk

4 dv888

'09 888 if I can ever find one,




Last two are ordered, just not here yet :frowning:


2.yyf skyline

3.yyf G5

These are in no particular order

  1. Hitman (gonna take out the O-rings and put in Tez O-rings)

  2. G5 (Thanks to Samad!)

  3. Half Purple Half Pewter M1

Those are the ones I WILL be getting soon. Here are some that are on my wishlist

  1. Skyline

  2. Khan Tu

Thats all for now!


Black Knight

More offstring yoyos in general

More flat rimmed yoyos because they are my favorite.

  1. M1
  2. 888
  3. CLYW BvM, perhaps…
  4. Project 2 when it is finally released


M1, M1, M1, M1, M1. ;D

I only want an M1 for now.

  1. One-Drop Project

  2. CLYW Peak

  3. Yoyofactory Skyline

Happy Throwing! =]

  1. Hspin The Cut
  2. One Drop Chaz Project
  3. Hspin USA Pyro

m1 skyline and 888

One Drop P2

SPYY Pistolero


Hspin The Cut

M1 (arriving)

going to take a long time before i buy all of these. But if i get a good opportunity i most certainly will.

i realllllllyyyyyyyyyy wannnnntttttttt a LEGACY but since i live in Indoneisa it’s very expensive for me to order from the us and so my father dont let me buy anymore yos…

General Yo 5 Star

CLYW Bassalope

M1 and later maybe legacy and 888

I just plan on getting a Velocity and a Dark Magic but that’s it. After that I’m going to cut back on yoyos for awhile.

Money is tight plus I t-boned a car last night and that’s going to cost me.

2 Loopers




Hspin Cut