YoYo Wishlist

I was looking around, and thought we needed a topic like this. Here’s mine:
1: Starry Midnight Skyline
2: Project 2
3: Agape (this thing looks way cool)
4: Aquarius
5: Celtic 888
6: Superstar

Long time since last wishlist thread.

  1. HSpin CUT
  2. YYJ New Breed
  3. ILYY Falcon/Rocket/Lio
  4. One Drop MarkMont2
  5. HSpin NVx
  6. YYJ Meteor
  7. YYJ Aquarius


2.-CLYW-Peak (Should be shipping today or monday)
3. YYJ- New Breed
4. YYJ- Meteor
5. YYJ- Dark Magic
6. chameleon’s protos in the making.

  1. P2
  2. FG Peak
  3. 5Star

New Breed

  1. YYF C13
  2. YYF Genesis
  3. YYJ Aquarius
  4. 1Drop Project Worlds Edition
  5. YYJ New Breed

1.YYF Catch 22
2.SPYY Gold Pure
3.CLYW Wooly Marmot
4.YYF Buddha King 2
5.YYK G5

  1. The Boss
  2. Frantic
  3. The Addiction

Let’s see…

  2. CLYW Wooly Marmot

Mostly just the BOSS, at the moment.

  1. CLYW Wooly Marmot
  2. 888
  3. Mighty Flea
  4. SPYY Pure

CLYW Wolloy Marmot.


1 888
2 superstar
3 catch 13
4yyj axion
5 the cut
6 the pure
7 the addiction

  1. 4XL
  2. Genesis
  3. Cream
  4. Addiction
  5. 5 Star

New breed

Ones that I know I won’t get, plus some I most likely will:
2.SPYY Pure
3.Pyro Light
5.Mighty Flea
8.The Boss

Ones I will most likely get (from the first list):
Lol-25% of all the ones I want I will get. Oooh look at me smarticle :stuck_out_tongue:

All of the new Werrd they have a few things that have been announced yet. Stu will surprise you.

  1. Madhouse bb’d 5150
  2. Madhouse UnKnown
  3. BBYY Bully v2
  4. Clyw Robot vs Ninja Moose
  5. Clyw Bvm ogopogo
  6. YYF VK

Samad, did you get the fools gold peak when it was on sale?

1: Mapledrip Marmot (when they make it of course)
2: '09 E1NS
3: '09 Wasabi
4: 888x
5: Wedgie

I’ve got a mint purple and black one for sale.

I’ve got a purple and gold mint one for sale too.

Will, you know I WOULD but worlds is taking up all my cash :stuck_out_tongue: