What's your next yo-yo?

What yo-yo do you think is next for you. Post, Post, Post!

Me? Probably dv888. I am going to order a Kickside to start 5A too.

I am happy with what I have, and I hope everyone else is too!

Hitman, MiniMotu, or Black Knight.

I don’t really want a Metal, I don’t really feel the need for an expensive yo-yo.

I’m not getting a really expensive yo-yo either, don’t feel like it. If I get a dv888, that would be my most expensive. So yeah…

I was hoping to get a big yo for offstring.

Hectic is my most expensive…

I’d rather get three 40 dollar YYJs instead of a Peak or something…

Wooly Marmot.

I have no idea. The Wooly Marmot is really tempting me, though…

The Wooly Marmot is calling you… ;D

888, E1NS (CB), or the swirly

888 dude.

IDK, leaning towards the CB E1NS

Get the Marmot, like me ;D

Look at the pretty colors!

Only the Hulk Smash and the Purple/Pink will be at YYN though.

I have that Pink/purple Peak.  :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll tell people its a Marmot!  :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

But sereosly, I hope my next yoyos will be a Frantic or SuperStar.

5 star, you can’t go back though once you start throwing it, but cause i already have 1 i’m looking into a padded p2 or an addiction.

I’d really like something that has stacks, and if it’s all metal it would pretty cool too. Then again I’m not so good yet (still discovering the secrets of the DM) to invest into an expensive yoyo… Maybe a PGM first and some time later an 888 or a DNA?

Is there some particular reason that you want this yoyo for 5A? Is 5A doable with every possible yoyo or are there some limit or requirements?

I’m sort of a beginner, probably a Legacy or a Dark Magic. :wink:

I’ve narrowed it down. Definately dv888 SB or Frantic. I decided no kickside.

You are correct, any Yo-yo can be used for 5A.

Some people like different feels and weights according to their style.

Decided, next am going to get a Hybrid Hitman, maybe a K-os…

I have an FHZ that I traded for coming soon. After that I’m getting a Helping (Free) Hand by DYonch and Mark26… I also want some kind of looper like a Sunset Trajectory or something.