What's your next yo-yo?

I might get a frantic, dv888, or hectic


Got my Dv888, so I’m satisfied ;D


hectic all the way - i want the greenish silver/lemonade coloration

Naked '08 888 (Small Bearing)

or maybe another Trainwreck.

Just ordered a grind machine yesterday. Should be ariving here shortly.

Either an Addiction or a hulk smash wooly marmot to match my peak ;D

New list!!!

Markmont 2

Fools Gold Peak, P2, and some kinda general yo yoyo that will come out. (further in the future)

Get a Fool’s Gold Peak!!!

I say P2!! But he said AND so i think that means he will get all 3

Wasabi 09.

keep spinning


Lol I’m not hoping to get any full metal. I used to want to get a DNA, but not anymore. I want a new breed, and am probably getting one soon. I hope.

I ordered a Team Edition DNA and didn’t like it. It was awkward in my hands. I sold it and ordered a Frantic. We’ll see!

Wooly MArmot!!!1

The project 2 or wooly marmot!

fools gold peak

I love yo-yo’s, but I don’t feel like paying for them. :wink: