What is your next yo-yo?

I am so bored, I decided to make this post. I am just curious. I also made this topic in my boredom-http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,5393.0.html

The Post-
What yo-yo do you think you are you getting next? For me… a BOSS, and maybe a Wooly Marmot.
What about you?

Any new YYF or a P2.

Maybe an M1, I found a defect in mine.

A P2 and an M1 would be nice. I haven’t tried them…

Axiom or Fools gold peak

Hey Gizzyo I noticed that you’ve been online, but the little square thing says you’re not. Weird…

Way off topic, but it has happened to me too.

sorry to be off topic but i have noticed that too.

C13 and Fools Gold Peak.

Happy Throwing! =]

Catch13. Blue. =)

Counter Attack and/or DieNasty

Hopefully a 4XL pretzel love edition or a Bassalope.

Another Bully, a Wedgie, an FHZ, or a Full-Sized YYF

I want to get the purple bully 2 or P2

Getting a SvZb and rught after that a BOSS.

It is seriously REALLY good.
I like it more than a BOSS or C13.
I didn’t like the C13.
BOSS was also really good, but I just love the Genesis.
Not more than my CLYWs of course. :wink:

Ok, That’s not going to happen.

I think I’m pretty good with my collection right now, but I might want to do some trading, there really isn’t much I want at the moment.

eight 8 eight or c13

Probably a new breed or a dna. Really want a Loop 900, but I think its not gonna be released.

Some fundaMETAL yo eventually.