Looking to upgrade to a new yo-yo...what to choose???

Right now I have a YoYoJam Black Knight with a Konkave bearing. I love it, but it’s had some stability issues and more importantly/recently it’s developed a couple large cracks on the side that has the axle…it’s on its last legs :-[.

So, I’m looking to get a new yo-yo. Suggestions??
I’ve been considering getting an 888, but I know there is a pantheon of other yoyo’s out there that might be just as good or better. I’m also looking for an aluminum, since it’ll be sturdier.

Cheers from Candialand,

well i can t really make a very accurate suggestion

based on what you told us i would try one of the fundametals or maybe the boss ( because it is kinda similiar to a 888)

the 888 plays amazing but i don t think you are ready

in the end it preferance

that is a very good statement that not many people use.

I think you should get a YYF DV888. You would love it!!! It’s a huge step up from black knight.
and if you wanted to learn some thumb grinds, it’s the perfect yoyo for learning thumb grinds.


Can someone please tell me how the 888 is harder to use and/or not fitting for him compared to a Dv888?

You my friend, are now going to look into the huge world of metals. There’s a ton of metal yoyos out there. If you want something similar to your Black Knight, well, you’d want something big. If you want something different, try looking for something smaller and less rounded. Collecting yoyos is like a serch for perfection. keep trying new stuff until you find what you like the best.

Take a look at the Shinwoo Zen http://www.yoyoguy.com/PN/ZN07/Whats-New:-Yo-Yos/Hi-Power-Zen

and the RecRev “I” http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16942

The 888 is a very good yoyo. It is smaller than your BK but it plays very well. I wouldn’t hesitate to get it because YYF makes great yoyos. You won’t be disappointed.