what are you wanting?

Let’s see, I just bought a bunch of stuff(yoyo and yoyo related, and I’ll keep this discussion that way), but I’m in want of more.

I just got a tres leches, I would like another. I’ve been waiting to hear back from someone on BST about one, but no response.

In regards to BST, trying to get a reply regarding a Bear Vs. Man. Definitely want one of these. it’s got scratches, but I’m not concerned about that.

These two above mentioned BST items, I’d like to take care of ASAP, but I’m waiting for responses.

For a near future purchase:
Thinking about a Protostar, a dv888, a One Drop Code 1 and 54 and a Speeder 2. Also want a white Unleashed. Regarding the Protostar and dv888, it seems everyone has one, so perhaps I should see what all the fuss is about. The One Drop Code 1, 54 and a Speeder 2 are just more wish list stuff.

Blues always preferred, so if someone is hitting me up to sell me something, PM me with your asking prices with shipping included. I’m new, but I’ve found fair asking prices for the most part. I paypal and I pay fast.

With a lot of variety coming in soon, I should be able to start developing preferences. Still, it’s hard to put the Dark magic II down. I guess we all develop attachments to our first “real” yoyo.

I’m saving for Code 1, Dietz, or Solaris

Just an FYI, the Sasquatch is amazing! Smooth stable and pins forever!

A kaluza final run peak! (off the bst) It’s gonna be a WHILE. after that more ODs.

ILYY 2WEI, clyw canvas

Any CLYW that happens to be in stock (Yeah, good luck right?)

AG15 acoustic amp… and a numark mixtrack… don’t know how long it will be till i get to a yoyo.

Trust me, you can live without the DV888. Its very average and a bit overrated in my opinion.

Photon spirit, split decision, and rextreme

Now i’m kinda wanting the Split Decision…

working on saving up enough for all the new werrd stuff. Gonna do like a big package order of 4xl, irony, split d, and poo when I get the money :slight_smile:

I just did a big YYE order, and am doing some big acquiring through BST as well. Some of the new WERRD stuff looks pretty good.

Right now, I’m contemplating when my next YYE order will be. Definitely going to be smaller than this past one!


without the delrin weight rings, what does the split decision weigh? have you seen a pic without them on? im curious

what yoyos do you have i have a superwide for trade

yeah, I’ve seen a couple pics without them on. not sure about the specs without them though.
I do believe it looks like that sans rims

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i really want some Side Effects - i have a code1 and i love it.

ALso i really wanna try other companies, i mainly have yyf, they are great!!!

but definitely wanna try CLYW stuff and more ONE drop!! … maybe Hspin and Werrd , spyy, ILYY … too many companies i haven’t tried lol

you should definitely try some general yo :slight_smile:
Earnie makes the smoothest yoyos I have ever seen. His b grades are like any other company’s a grades.

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I don’t know.
I have no particular want list this time.

Something new and different.