Next YoYo Purchases?

Does anyone else plan out yoyo purchases ahead of time? Well, I do. lol So, what yoyo are you going to buy in the near future?
Here are mine: (in order of what I am going to get)
1.YYJ Revolution
2.FPYY Cyber Yo
3.Shinwoo Griffin Wing
4.Lyn Fury

Spyy Flying V
Any General Yo that might crop up on the scene…

Eventually, a big deal, but that is way down the line.


Yup that’s about it.

Any Generalyo to come! ;D


2010 SEVERE!!! yay! Soon… I hope…

  1. YYJ DM

  2. YYF 888x

  3. 44special

  1. Ministar
  2. Protostar

but after that i don’t know.


another couple FAST 201’s and hopefully the paquieo. ( I KNOW I SPELT IT WRONG!)

I really want a stacked grind machine…

YYF Genesis
YYF Mighty Flea
YYJ Revolution
YYJ Die Nasty
One Drop Dingo
YYJ Trinity

any generalyo under $120
Skyy chaser.

uhh… lets see,

  1. An H-shaped (either NVX, Superstar or Fury)
  2. A y factor
  3. A CLYW

Probably a Superstar. ;D

genesis or 44 or 44 special :-\ not sure

(in no particular order)

Hoping to get my boss soon!!

  1. protostar
  2. protostar
  3. protostar
  4. protostar
  5. protostar…
    I need 6 protostar in my collection