What are you looking for.

The thread I made was what are you saving for. But some people don’t save they look for yoyos to buy as they have money.

I’m not saving for these but I would like to try these.

Yoyofactory space cowboy.

Yoyofactory VKSS.

Yoyofactory 2hot.

Tropic spins Finch.

Clyw yeti.

A wooden fixie.

One drop rally.

Orator Prototypes

Not ‘saving’ for it, but my next big yoyo purchase will be a Onedrop CiTizen, provided I’m able to get my hands on one before they all fly off the shelves.

If I miss out on a chance to grab a CiTizen I’ll probably pick up the Luftverk Evora in it’s place. Got that Titanium desire working for me at the moment… ;D

I’m currently saving for stuff to buy at Worlds. pretty excited to go if everything works out.

-Worlds Edition CZPoint
-Green CZPoint
-Either the CiTizen or Evora (Evora seems so nice right now)

I’m waiting for the release of the Shout and hopefully I won’t be waiting much longer.

I’m looking for some werrd yoyos like the split decision or the irony jp 2013. Also want a 2S queen!

Really wanna try out space cowboy. Do factory HQ’s let you try yoyos? I live about a half hour away from yoyofactory

I’m trying to get the monkeyfinger Caesar and Sturm panzer SY-006 Schneider Blade Attack Mode.

Here is my bst: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,84991.msg951944.html#msg951944

Ti walker
Evora or Citizen, or Dream
Maybe Ricochet

Evora would be no 1 but the nub is so ugly.
If I were them I would shave some weight by rounding off that nub.

I am also really into TI right now.

I’m looking for yoyers who live in LA!

Still searching for a non-mint OG peak that I have no worries playing.

Now I’m looking to try all the stuff listed here. Lol.

I’m currently trying to buy; a red walter, anti-yo side effects. I’m hoping the OD and Luftwerk Ti’s don’t sell out before I can snag a couple. Just got a pair of pre-release YWETS that make me very happy.

No no don’t snag it’ll hurt you knuckles. Lol.

Most general yos especially after seeing there shapes and quality control.
And Anti yo Bapezilla might have to look bst.

Gold/Grey YWET
Raw Canvas
SF era Tom Kuhn Clean Machine

That’s really all I’m looking for these days.

What’s different between viszilla and Bapezilla?


Definitely wanting to try out a Too Hot, just not sure what color to get (selection is limited, otherwise I’d snag that Galaxy to go with my Shutter and Horizon)…maybe just solid purple, would look great against my neon green string.

Czechpoint is also tempting, just wish there were more colors or a Galaxy edition of that. But black looks good, just a little hard to see if you’re filming yourself.