7075 Catalyst Out


It’s out on another store. Black/purple acid wash with silver splash. $109.99 is the price. I don’t mean to advertise for them because their store is kinda stupid compared to YYE, but I just thought I’d let people know. PM me for the store.


At YoYoExpert soon!


AWESOME!!! Do they come complete with the classy BRAND NEW redacted packaging? :wink:

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Hey, I’m just curious… Sharpie really is a good look on those boxes.


I love my regular catalyst so this will hopefully eventually make it into my collection.


scratch off sharpie
says “We wish you luck in your future endeavours, Augie.”
mfw Ben actually turns out to be a class-act guy


Im happy to answer any real questions.


Ok, all teasing and ribbing aside I do have a serious question for you.

Has YYF considered adding anything to Chris Allen’s “Operation Green Triangle” charity drive for cancer? No matter what our differences are Ben and what I think of YYF, I bet the community would love to see what effect a large company like the Factory could have on this charity.

Link if you are not aware of the cause I am talking about:


Sure, ill look into it. Thanks for the link.


No problem. What are the chances you can put a link on the YYF news page? I have put it on HSYY, the HSYY FB page, and Chris has it on YYS but I am betting YYF gets more hits than all of us.

I look forward to seeing what you guys post for charity.

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How does the 7075 catalyst compare to the 7075 supernova, superstar and genesis?


Catalyst kept the outside profile but we moved everything in the inside to take advantages of the materials strengths. It’s Recieved praise from many who have thrown it on the team but as yet not too many customers have had the chance to review it.


I’ll review it if you will let me.

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Id love that!


Me too!


Will that be be the same type “review” you gave the 7075 GZR OneDrop lineup?

Your disdain for 7075 for yoyo construction is well-known. How is your “review” of a 7075 Catalyst going to be constructive?


There you go trying to pick another fight. I have absolutely, positively, no problem with 7075. You are the one diafying 7075, calling other companies in the US subpar because the manufacture in 6061. When you were proven wrong due to one of the Asian companies that you love so much also manufactures in 6061 you lashed out and called out all US companies for their lack of skills.

Here is a link if you forgot: http://www.onedropyoyos.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8707

Now I will say that I stand by my conclusion on the GZR line. Those yoyos could have easily been made in 6061 if Shawn or David shifted weight around. It would have taken extra time to do so but it could have been done. That being the case I don’t see a need for using the much more expensive material in this case unless you just want a quick weight gain without having to proto and test a redesign.

As for a review of the 7075 Catalyst, I would absolutely be constructive. I never played the original so I have no comparison. In fact I have only ever played 4 YYF for an extended period of time. An 888 that I wasn’t overly excited about, a Cailfornia that I initially liked but after a while grew away from, a Catch-22 that I liked everything but the price, and a Skyline that I thought was excellent. The Cali, 888, and Skyline were all B-Grades that is why they did not get a review, it isn’t fair to a company to judge them on their B-Grades without clearing it with them first. When I said I wanted to review the 7075 Catalyst I was actually extending an olive branch to YYF. Even though I am not a fan of Ben, their products are popular. I would like to add more reviews to the site might as well be you. So lend me a review unit, let me keep it for a week or two, and then I will send it back.

TL:DR - Geezer, stick to what you know because what you “think” you know is 100% wrong. YYF, I would like to review the Catalyst…the public seems to want me to as well, can I borrow a unit?


I stand by my comments. I assume you stand by your comments about YYF and Ben; also on the same forum.

If they COULD have made it better - why didn’t they?
Wasn’t the original 54 your yoyo of the year? So, if the GZR is better - and the same playing yoyo COULD have been made from 6061 - then:

  1. Why did you name an inferior 54 the yoyo of the year?
  2. Why did the crack design team at OD not realize that it could be made better?

Others are turning out better designs. Perhaps some of the blame here lies with the reviewers of these yo-yos. Could it be that the reviewers are encouraging poor yo-yo design through consistently positive reviews of moderately good yo-yos?

Just a thought.


You, sir, are an absolute idiot grasping at straws while your house of cards falls down around your ears. First it was that 7075 aluminum is far inferior to the 6061 and that all Asian yo-yos are far better BECAUSE they use 7075. Now you have completely flip flopped and said that it must be US designers who are crap. Why did you flip flop… because it was discovered that one of the Asian designers who you have bestowed sainthood on uses 6061 aluminum (Turning Point for those playing the home game). Please don’t make me go and pull every quote proving what I just said… many know that I have a great memory for pulling up the proof needed when someone like yourself is spouting off absolutely staggering amounts of BS.

You say others are making better designs… I say that is your opinion. It is obviously not shared by everyone since ALL yo-yo preferences are subjective. EVERY review out there is based off the preferences of the reviewer, period. It doesn’t matter if you are reviewing yo-yos, cars, toasters, or freaking jelly beans… personal preference will always come into play in a review. I have said from the beginning that my reviews are ONE PERSON’S opinion, not gospel. The same goes for Chris Allen’s reviews, and Joe Public’s reviews in the forums. Now here is the thing I will pose to you, if everyone else is digging on these American made yo-yos and you are not why are the masses wrong and you are right. You would be the minority in this instance.

Now to answer your two questions:

  1. Yes, the 54 was my pick for yoyo of the year. That was 2 YEARS ago. My review was posted Oct. 19, 2010. A lot has changed since then. I still love the original 54 but it isn’t my favorite One Drop anymore. My tastes have changed as well.

  2. Hmmm… a 2 year old design was tweaked this year and it plays better. They didn’t do anything wrong the first time around but they changed only the material, nothing else about the design was changed and now it plays differently. Not better, just different. So, all your Asian companies get their designs right the absolute first time and never go back to make tweaks and changes. I must have dreamed up the different YYR Stargazers or the different TP Leviathans. Hot damn, all the companies you like so much nail it the first time… Geezer, you are an idiot.

Let me make this clear for you Geezer. You are nothing more than a child who is not getting his way so you make stuff up in order to prove that your fantasy world is the correct version. Please stop.