OD Valor

Don’t know if someone already said this, but I found a place selling the new OD Valor today for $120 (cant list due to forum rules). Anyone want one? I cant afford it but itd be nice to see someone with one.

I don’t want one, if it’s not dropping here. :slight_smile:

The site selling the has exclusive “first run colors”, which were just a bunch of solids. YYE will probably have the by the month.

Nothing wrong with solids. Even raw/polished is a nice “color”. Heck, splashes just blend together when the yoyo is spinning anyway. Personally, I’m not paying to look at the yoyo sit on a shelf. I definitely want to get a Valor. I’ll probably jump on one when they drop here, especially if they have yellow.

I got a Chocolate brown Valor in the mail yesterday.

I think the thing that is exclusive are the shades of each color. Sure there will be red, blue, green, and purple, but the particular shades at that store are exclusive to that store. Don’t think you’ll get a brown Valor anywhere else.

Nothing wrong with solids.
i have nothing against solids, but splashes look nicer. btw, Sanchez202, could you post a review?

If they did a nice dark red I would be all over that.

Hehe I was the 45th person to like that post ^

Does anyone know the price of the Valor?


Really? Without SE’s? I’m kind of surprised about that price point considering OD has recently released 2 SE yoyos (Chik & Benchmarks) well under $100. Is it just because it’s 7075? If that’s the case, then I’m out. Too bad too. I was really interested in the Valor.

Yes. It’s just like the format c. Price and metal wise.

7075 is much more expensive than 6061.

Right on. I get it. But as of Jan 1st, this year, I decided that triple digits was too much for a yoyo for me. Some people may think I’m stupid for drawing that line since many to most yoyos are in that price range, but I’m sticking to it. Maybe come Black Friday if there are still any out there, I’ll consider it. I just can’t keep up anymore.


I have the same rule, I eventually get what I want on the BST anyways. :tongue:

Yeah man totally understand which is why we offer a wide variety of price ranges. We always strive for the best value possible. Many in the community prefer 7075 and are willing to pay for the more expensive alloy and we also want to cater to them. It’s a sweet time to be a yoyoer and have such great choices from all the companies.

Is there a code 3 coming up after the valor? Is code 3 going to be a yoyo or something else? ive heard a lot of things.

Code 3 was a collection of tricks/tutorials put together as a community to make a combo. Very neat idea and a lot of fun.


I’ve been there for a while now too, just can’t afford 100+ all the time.