7075 Catalyst Out


woah there guys, stop argueing and get back on topic :wink: ! and i noticed you like to argue with others yoyogeezer. i think you should just relax and talk about yoyos, and if you KNOW what youll say will start a fight, then dont post it… no reason to argue for stupid reasons!


Ladies ladies your both pretty …

Jk but guys we need to breath


It is all good guys, I am breathing just fine.

You hit it right on the head, Geezer just likes to pick fights. Over at the One Drop forums he was such an a petulant twit that he started insulting the owners of the company just to try and convince himself that he was still correct.

I have no problem with 7075 yoyos or Asian brands. I have my opinions that I have shared about them but those are just that “opinions”. Geezer needs to realize that everyone is allowed to have their own opinions and stop arguing as fact, gospel, and law.

Now back on topic… I still wouldn’t mind reviewing one of these. Hey YYF, you going to step up and loan one for review or not?


No thank you.

(2Sick Joey) #25

Wasn’t expecting that answer lol


Hahaaaa… that was funny.


I kinda was. Ben is afraid I can’t be objective because of the bad blood between us. He has accused me in the past of holding a personal grudge against the company because he would not give High Speed YoYo the yoyos for review. That could not be farther from the truth. I have always asked for loaners only, including now. The ball is in their court, and the offer is always open to them. At this point the only thing stopping HSYY from doing YYF reviews is YYF.

A little off topic. Ben, has YYF given any more thought to donating some product to Operation Green Triangle?


Certainly have and right now I’d like to do something on our timeline. Personally I have spent 1 night in my own bed in the past 3 weeks, we are conducting a promotion in California and finalizing all our end of year production so unfortunately we can’t give the effort right now this deserves but once we have some time, we will contribute in our own way.


That may not be a reason for your grudge but you’ve made your feelings towards the company pretty clear in the past,

I believe you would actually try to objective with a review but question whether you’d be capable of it. Ben would be silly to risk sending a unit to you for review.


That, and we just don’t send yoyos out for people to review. Our policy hasn’t ever changed despite the animosity of reviewers.


Thank you Ben for finally giving me an answer. If you or anyone had ever sent a simple reply saying that your company did not send out review units I would have stopped asking.

Just to be clear, my animosity towards you has nothing to do with YYF not sending out review units.

Now as far as the charity is concerned. I understand you are busy, it is a very valid reason. I look forward to seeing how your company participates in Operation Green Triangle.


Back on topic!
The catalyst looks great Ben… I am certainly picking one up. I have always loved the 6061- 7075 conversion. Any yoyoexpert release date for non raw colorways? Also is it made in the US like the 7075 supernova?


Keeping it on topic, question for Ben. There has been talk about 7075 being harder to ano. Did you notice any issues with the splash ano of the 7075 Genesis?


I remember him saying its one of the reasons they switched the supernova to 6061.


We are shipping the second color next week.
Made in USA

Harder to anodize yes but not that bad. We have been doing 7075 yoyos since 2008 so we have the process refined pretty well.


I was just curious. There has been a lot of talk about 7075 vs. 6061 lately and one of the points that several manufacturers have made is that it is harder to ano.


Yeah, reading the rest of this thread, I think, shows who is picking fights and who is not. My silence is actually simple disdain for the endless arguments from certain persons who are simply trying to make themselves relevant when they are not.

I have NEVER insulted the owners of OneDrop - EVER. I have supported them in all forums. Why do you idiots think I posted originally? To hurt OneDrop? I posted to HELP oneDrop. It is those with closed minds and vested interests that have turned my attempt to help OneDrop into something else.

Grow Up. Open your eyes.


it was over already man -_-
please, just drop it!



Seems pretty darn insulting to me, especially that last part. Seemed like a direct attack on the manufacturers that run the site. All because you had to eat crow over finding out that TP doesn’t use 7075 as you thought.

Now Geezer I implore you… I can do this all day long. You have stuck your foot so far down your throat you are tickling your appendix with shoe leather on way to many occasions. Please remember you sought out this argument here, I never once addressed you when I asked about reviewing or talking about aluminum alloys. For a 49 year old you argue about as well as my 8 year old.

Now back on topic:

Ben, did you do any tweaks to the design or did you just throw 7075 into the machine and run the same Catalyst program from before? If it is the latter I may have to source one of each just so I can see if it is a similar result to what One Drop did with their GZR line.


The catalyst was modified heavily to take advantage of the material attributes. Supernova and supernova lite were identical program different materials.