Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!


Hopefully releasing later today.


When will you be restocking terrarian colors?


We just got some new colors last week, they’re currently online. Not sure when we will get more.


You guys getting any of the first run of the Küntosh 5000QVs?


Yes! Red and Silver I believe.


What time are we getting the OD Mantises at?


No time for the release yet, but they should be releasing April 3rd. We will have a countdown up before they release.


Will you guys restock on the c3yoyodesign m.o.v.e??


shipment is on the way , will be arrived soon




100 count “black” slick 6 strings have been out of stock for a while…will you be getting more?


We should be getting a shipment in any day now. I would guess they will be online later this week or early next week.


Sweet! Thanks! :smiley:

(yospeedracer) #714

any time frame on the IRPAD YYR REGULAR NORMAL NEW response pads for the Draupnir


No idea. We’ve been trying to get an IrPad restock for a while now, but they’re not responding.


Any news on c3yoyodesign’s Initiator getting a restock?


We should have some more online tomorrow.


Any word on a restock date for the C3 Speedaholic V2? Looks like they are sold out all over the planet. Thanks.


Clyw Compass?


And any new Clyw?