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Any news on unparalleled Flash?


Will you be restocking the TMBR Baldwin soon?


We will have it, no release date yet though. Maybe next week.

Yeah, he’s making a batch for us right now. Should be done in a couple weeks I believe.


Are there any plans or ETA’s on restock of IR bulk pads? (25/50 bottle) :slight_smile:


I’ve been living under a rock for a while…just curious…will there ever be a restock of the YYF Space Cowboy?




ETA on the Sensei? I saw another store has them, but the shipping times (and prices XD) would be ridiculous. (I’m a little hyped for it, gonna be my first Bimetal.)


any updates on the barracuda? I’ve been checking YYE everyday waiting for it


Hoping to get them online later this week.

No news yet unfortunately.

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Do you know by any chance when more DS Gold Bearings will be landing? Those are just SO good!


We’ve been trying to get a restock for a little while now, not sure when they will be available. Have you tried the platinum plated DS Bearings? They play just as good IMO.

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I Do have a plat that I use, i should get another one just 'cuz. :slight_smile:


Is there any mention of a restock of YYE tshirts?


Any news on a restock of iYoyo 2 Pros?


I saw the Blog on the TMBR Moxon and Sullivan. Any word on a Baldwin reissue?


Not sure if they’re making anymore, but we’re checking to see if they have any extras left. Waiting to hear back from them.

Yeah, the Baldwin got put on hold. He revamped the design and is just about finished with a full run for us. Hopefully in a couple weeks.


You guy’s planning to restock some of your yoyo bags? Need a new one badly, thanks:)


Any idea when you’ll restock short YYF axles?


Still working on the new bags. We did just get some Yomega bags in recently that are pretty good for only $20:

We should be getting some more with our next shipment. If you need one sooner just go to a hardware store and look for an M4 x 0.70 set screw - 8mm length.


new basecamp colors???