Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!


Are you guys getting a restock of pulsefires any time soon?


Any known restocks of yellow bulk string? Kitty or blueprint or pretty much anything? Thanks in advanced!


They are on their way, est release date April 15th


Yoyorecreation recently posted an Instagram of a new batch of Sleipnirs. Any idea when/if you guys will be getting them? That black one looks awesome!


We should have some more Pulsefires in stock next week.

We just got some Kitty String in, it should be online today or tomorrow.

Not sure, iā€™ll see what I can find out!


Are you guys going to be carrying the new Barracuda?


Weā€™re should have it soon, Duncan is just finishing up assembling/packaging right now.


Do you know if YYE will be getting any of the new run of YYR Sputniks?


We should be getting them in soon.


You guys getting any double rainbow Spin Dynamics Senseiā€™s?


Yeah, we should be getting that soon I believe.


I want a senseiā€¦ And a Nine Dragonsā€¦ And a Speedaholicā€¦ And I sneaked a peak of a certain wink Edge.


Any news on Duncanā€™s new release?


Yeah, I got to try Dougā€™s Sensei the other day - It is really really good. And Nine Dragons is just plain fun, still having a blast messing around with that one!

Gotta be more specific than that.


I heard Duncan was coming out with a new metal throw in May.
Several months ago I played it at Disney Springs but I forgot the name.
It was well balanced and fun.


The Grasshopper maybe? They had some delays and we donā€™t have any ETA for it at this time.

Or it could have been the new Barracuda, we are expecting to get it in the next week or 2.


It had a martial arts name and was designed for Shawn (I forgot his last name).


New Barracuda in the next week or two! Hype! is there an estimated price on it or not until its released?


I noticed that the sOMEThING IZM line has a new yoyo out - the Eclipse. Are there plans to stock them at YYE?


I donā€™t believe we are going to stock the Eclipse.