Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!


It might have been there and I’m just blind and missed it but i saw the popstar back on the site, does that mean its coming back or?


We added a few yo-yos that we found into stock after doing inventory last month, that may have been the case with the Popstar.


Are you guys gonna have some more OD Terrarians in a few days? And if so do you know if you will have any more of the “Moonlord” colorway?


I dont think we’re getting any Moonlord on this run, but there are a few new colors. Here’s the color list I have:

Surface Grass
Last Prism
Phantasm Dragon
Surface Mushroom
Underground Mushroom
Crystal Serpent

I believe One Drop posted pictures on their facebook page too.


When releasing the third run terrarians are you guys going to put up the countdown clock for when they will be released?


They do pretty much every time they have release.


Yeah, we’ll do a countdown again. Expect to see an announcement about them today or tomorrow.

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To see the third wave. . .


What’s that green/yellow one on the bottom row called?


Surface Grass I believe.


Wow, it looks really good.


Thanks for telling me this information! I will be sure to check tommorow!


Countdown up!


When will yoyoexpert be getting a restock of the YOYOrec DS platinum bearings?


Yoyorec is out of stock at the moment, but we’ll get some more as soon as they’re available.

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Will you guys be getting those White POM Diffusions YYR has been teasing?


Yeah we should be getting some in soon. I heard they’re really good too!

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Will there be any Sengoku Kenshin’s coming soon?


No ETA, but I believe we will be getting them.