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Yeah, no final price or release date for the Big Dipper, but I believe they’re aiming for end of month/early next month with a price around $35.


Will you be getting any of these?


SWEET GOOGLEY MOOGLEY. I think I’m in love. :o :o :o


I know, right?


Yeah we’ll be getting those, but I’m keeping them all so… I guess that makes it a no.

({RTD} alecto) #626

Garret you’d better be joking. If not i will not be the only one coming down to the warehouse to fix a few things.


Awesome, I hope it’s the heat! 30 degrees outside and it’s like a sauna in here… What’s your experience with HVAC?


When does rally restock?


Sorry to say One Drop discontinued the Rally. I believe they’ll release another plastic at some point.


It doesn’t, unfortunately. The Rally was discontinued due to manufacturing issues last I heard. Your best chance to pick one up is on the BST.

**Sniped :-\


Any news on a Cloud String restock?


We should have some in soon, I would say end of this week or sometime next week.


How much will the Rainbow Trout Scouts be?


Pretty sure they’re $150


$150 is correct


Any Recess Weekend’s coming in soon?


We should have more in stock in a week or two.


what happend to blueprint string?


Blizzard comes out soon any news on how much those will retail for?


We’re working on getting a restock.

I believe they’re going to be 165/175.