Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!


Yeah, we should be getting them in soon! YoYoFactory set the release date for the 31st and we always respect our manufacturers release dates. I couldn’t find any stores that have them for sale yet, can you pm me a link to the store?


Oof! Ma bad. There is a site that says in stock but when you enter the page, it says available the 31st. I didn’t actually click in since I wanted to take my business to yye.

Will it be a limited release or will there be enough death nightmares to go around?


We’ll have a decent amount, but with how good it plays and how good the death version look I’m guessing they will sell first.


Any ideas on how many per color Terrarians will be? I don’t wanna miss out :stuck_out_tongue:


Masamune’s from Sengoku by any chance?


2sick knight release?


Sorry for the late response, missed this somehow! We have Sengoku Masamunes en route to us now! No ETA at the moment but we will definitely be getting them.

In the works.


What’s the word on the Vanguard?


i believe it’s dropping this week right?




chances of a clearance sale of those old yyj models


Today or tomorrow if all goes as planned.


We just had a few discounted for the Cyber Monday sale. Send us an email and maybe we can help you out.


when will there be a restock for the One Drop Rally? I’d really love to get my hands on one.


I believe the rally is discontinued due to manufacturing issues(?)


That’s what I recall.


oh well that’s a bummer gonna have to try to get a used one then. Thanks for letting me know.


any idea on when big dippers will be in stock? also any idea on price range?


rumored by the end of the month and at around $35.


Yes. So much yes.

(This time travel quote was to avoid a double post essentially reiterating the same thing)

I am more hype for this than I was for Christmas. Maybe.