Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!


Yeti Release? No idea.


I read that the Terrarian was somewhat delayed due to a side effects anodizing issue; any sign of the Rebirth? I think I need one. :slight_smile:



Will you guys have solid silver YYO Raves at Nats? Or do I need to get one online?


We don’t have Terrarian or Rebirth at this time, One Drop might have more info on the release.

They’re en route to us now. If we get them before everyone leaves for Nationals we may be able to bring some, no guarantees though.


Will YYE get any new Sleipnir’s, gargantua’s, and new triad’s from YYR soon? The ones that were released not too long ago.


Yeah, we should have them online tomorrow or Monday at the latest.


Do you guys have a date for the Krown St. yet by any chance? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No date yet, but i’ll post here if we find any release info.


Are you getting the orange and black replay pros soon?

(Erik Kerber ) #590

:o :o :o


Just got them in, should be online soon. They look awesome!


Duncan Bassacuda soon, if so which colorways?


Anymore Tall Kitty and Tall Kitty Fat string soon?


Will you be getting the smoke replay pro (black border / aqua center) restocked?

Also, will you be getting the 100 pack Blueprint string restocked?



Do you know if you will be getting any more yellow kitty fat string in 100 packs?


Yes this week, and not sure on colors yet.

Should be getting both in our next restock.

I don’t believe there are any plans to make the original colors for the Replay PRO again, but it could happen in the future.

And we would like to get more Blueprint string in… but Werrd.


Any news on a Toxic Strings restock? (yellow base, specifically)


C3 Yoyodesign Initiators? They’ve dropped in other online stores in asia, but will they be coming today as well?


We just got a restock of Prime, hopefully more base string with the next order.

Asian stores tend to get the products from Asian manufacturers first, but we will definitely be getting the Initiators and they should be online soon.


I see that the nightmare has dropped at other stores eve though the release date is the 31. Will it be releasing on yye on the 31st?