New Releases & What's Coming Soon to YoYoExpert

Wanted to start one ‘thread’ to keep track of new releases and incoming products for the forums.  One post should make this a bit easier.

Arriving tomorrow Thursday March 29th at 10:00 PM EST is the One Drop Yo-Yos Code 2 YoYoExpert and Burning Ember Special Editions!

They are limited and will likely go fast.

Solid Color Code 2 (in a variety of colors) will also restock most likely within next two weeks too.

Oh my goodness, i want one of those YYE Code 2’s sooooo bad…
Good idea on the thread Andre, i’ve been trying to find a place besides Facebook that i can keep up with new releases at YYE. Thanks!

Man how many code 2’s do you have already?

Good concept. But since YYE has so many products, including NEW and re-stocks, I think this should be a “thread a month” topic. That’s kind of what we do on the American DJ forum for MyDMX profile requests so the guy who makes them can keep better tabs on it.

Those are some great looking CODE2s!


How much will they be?

Price is $115.00

Super stoked about the release, I’m sitting by my computer wishing the hours would go by faster.

I agree this is an awesome idea, and posting a new topic each month would work too.

i got that exact burning ember code 2 awesome

oooops necro just realized

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