Code 2

Whoah, I didn’t even see the countdown for it. They didn’t even say when they would release it, they just said “later this week”, when did it come out? :’(
I feel I was not informed enough, I wanted to get one! >:(

They dropped at 10est last night and sold out in less than an hour. They mentioned it on the onedropyoyos forum. There will be hundreds more…

I am on the YYE email list and the One Drop list, maybe I don’t follow the tweet close enough. I didn’t know. Well, at least I know what to pay now. I’m pulling out cash later tonight for potential purchases at CalStates.

Gotta get me a blue one!

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My green one shipped today. I pretended to go to the bathroom at work to order mine.

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I’m trying to figure out if that’s wrong on so many levels or right on so many levels.

My head hurts now, thank you very much. I’m going to go back to packing cables into my truck for CalStates so I can run sound.

I was really surprised that they released. Well, I didn’t have the money anyways.

I’m on all sorts of mailing lists and social networking sites, but facebook pages (like the yye page, one drop page, and clyw page) is how I get my info about releases. you’ll rarely miss a release if you check them often (especially yye)

YYE on FB gets me timely info on any release.

I got two of them 3 weeks ago. They’re worth it.

As Formula said, Andre/YYE will be selling lots more in the not too distant future.

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How long is that?

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It was either that or wait till my last break at 10:45 and I probably would have missed them

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I checked out at 10:02( I am that fast) and for fun at 10:04 I checked and my color(orange) only had 2 left and most were at around 5 as well. Glad I got one,and the color I want!

My green 1 shipped today so happy i got 1!

My guess is that Andre knew that the Code2 would sell so fast and with that said didn’t hype it and kept it relatively low-key. Its happened before that the servers went crazy due to people rushing in like nuts.

Calstates will not have blue. The colours that I was told will be there is orange, green, and purple.

Special editions will probably be coming in the next few weeks if I read correctly.

The Onedrop Code2 Nautilus is so worth getting. You’ll all love it.


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Doesn’t surprise me. The same thing happens with CLYW’s.

Hmm, might have to make a color detour…

But as far as far as the Code 2 being worth getting: I can’t argue that. I have 3 other One Drops and I enjoy them a lot, and a 4th on the way. Amazing stuff right up there with the CLYW and other top brands, no question about it.

As soon as they can make them. They can only make so many yoyos at a time, between pnwr and this drop, that’s a couple hundred yoyos alone. Believe me they are hard at work, you should visit them at and watch the live cam. If you follow them on twitter they will GIVE AWAY a code2 when they reach 1000 followers!

And thanks jrodriguez for the great design

Love my code 2
onedrop 2012-03-01 019 by miketheturtle, on Flickr

It’s definitely worth waiting for One Drop to restock…

I snagged a black one. I’m going to put on red or brass spikes. Should look very classy!

I’ve placed $120 in a safe place. I figure that should get me a Code 2, Some sort of side effects and shipping and still have change left over.

I want a Code 2! I just have to decide what extra side effects to get. My 54 has the spikes inside, and I also have the brass domes. My Code 1 has the ultralites.

I just picked up a Dietz at CalStates. I was also tempted to get a Cafe Racer and a Dand since they were right there at an amazing price too. I couldn’t get a Code2 because whoever carried those, they sold out in minutes. I hope it was a vendor I know! Seems even being there, I can’t get a Code2!! Well, thank goodness CLYW wasn’t also there, otherwise people’s minds would have exploded because they couldn’t figure out what they wanted to get first.

I gotta get me doing sound at more yoyo contests. There are deals to be had. But, I want the fast selling items, and they sell too fast for me to get to. I’m gonna go pull some strings where-ever I can and see about securing a Code 2!