code 2

How many people got a code 2

did anyone get a code 2? ^^^

I have two code 2s.

Pics here

and this thread here,41355.0.html

I mean the ones that droped today.

i think they already had a thread like this … :,41355.0.html


The ones that dropped today are just the solid colorways of the Code 2 of which I have the Green one.

They are all the same yoyo. Same spike side effects etc, just different colorway. Hope that helps.

It is a bad ass yoyo.

I snatched a blue one last night. Feel like I’ve been waiting forever for a solid color restock.

I’ve been waiting for the solid colors to stock and now I don’t have any money to buy one! :frowning:

Just purchased this one-

I like grey.

Almost got that one but got a purple one,and i going to put green spikes on it.

I’m waiting for mine to ship. Along with a Burnside.

However I may have to wait for over a month as it might get hand delivered! Some things can be worth the wait. No complaints because everything between myself and the seller is fine and there’s no need for me to have any concern.

I have a Code 2 that is not mine…but I get to play with it :slight_smile: I should have my very own Code 2 soon! Can’t wait!

You’re just breaking in my bearing like I asked you to. Thanks! How’s it coming along?

lazy :stuck_out_tongue: jk

you have anything you want to ship over to the east coast? I can break in some too lol