Best Place to BUY CODE 2 ? or at least want to see all available colors ...


looking to pick one of these up - I see that YOYOEXPERT doesnyt have all colors in stock …

any other locations I can check ?


Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle it. Cmon, now. It’s 2012, people should know search engines exist.

‘One Drop Code 2’. I doubt you’ll have a hard time finding the info you’re looking for.

(M.DeV1) #3


One Drop’s Flickr page has a lot of the colors, though certainly not all of them: . One Drop used to have a post on their forum with all the retailers they ship to, i can’t find it at the moment, but if you have time have a look around there and i’m sure you can find it.


Did you also happen to notice that this forum is sponsored by YOYOEXPERT? Friends don’t allow friends to recommend other stores on the sponsoring store’s forum. :wink:


You could always shoot One Drop an email and ask them what colourways they have and who stocks what. That said, YYE have the Dragonslayer CODE 2 which is the best looking in my opinion.



Deserved a thank you and a quote.


I understand the reasoning behind this, but I find it a bit stupid sometimes- while YYE’s selection is certainly big and varied, you can’t get certain colorways or brands here. Why can’t we suggest another store that may carry that color/brand? It’s not like everybody here is unaware of other online yoyo stores. I’m not saying blatant advertising of another store should be allowed, but why can’t we at least mention other stores? I’d like to think that this forum has become its own entity- yes its sponsored by YoYoExpert, but this is still a General YoYo forum, visited by players who most likely get their yoyo related supplies from more than one site. Do we have to be so strict about mentioning other stores?


Andre’s house, Andre’s rules.



It’s just bad manners and not nice. You don’t walk into McDonalds and ask where you can get a Whopper.


I know what you mean i said that you can get ___ yoyo from ____ store and they removed it. But think about it yoyoexpert isnt geting any money from this so if you refer to another site then they are losing busness and a potental loyal customer.

just something to think about



Or walk into Quiznos and ask for a 5$ footlong


This is how I interpreted the post:
Hey, can you people who obviously support this store since you are active on it’s forums help me to take away a possible sale? Ya I want to give money to some other people. thanks!
Overly sarcastic?


Just google it like Links said. I can only think of a handful of retailers that have different colors, but email David and Shawn (Super One Drop Bros.) for details, they are really cool.


That said, I think we’ve beat this guy up enough over this.