When will Yoyo Expert restock and get new colours of the Code 2?


My favourite colour is grey but they are out of stock of it.



The best way to find out. YYE support is some of the best out there - expect an email reply pretty quickly.

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Contact YYE or OneDrop about it


Thanks guys for helping. :slight_smile:


No matter what color, the Code 2 is fantastic. The best throw ever, IMO.


The stock of various colors depends primarily on when the store needs to order more stock, as well as what the manufacturer has available. If a store has a good stock of a certain yoyo they’re probably not going to order more just to get a new color. They will sell what they have. When stores order, in most cases they cannot specify a specific color unless it’s an exclusive. Manufactures generally package up various colors in a lot and ship them out.


I contacted them about a week ago asking the same question and they said they won’t restock the solid colors of the code 2 for a while.

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I’m really looking for a Burning Ember colorway. I like it so much better than the Dragon slayer color.


The issue is:

When One Drop, among other companies, have their anodizing jobs done(or do them in-house), they pretty much commit to certain colorways in advance. So, don’t be surprised if they don’t do the colorway you want for a while. This isn’t a One Drop only issue, as almost all companies do the same thing.

The best thing you can do is make a request to YYE. They are most likely on the phone with the companies as frequently as necessary(or via email) and compiling and gathering data to see what people want. Companies that listen(such as One Drop) will most likely take such information into consideration when doing their anodizing orders.

Me personally? I really prefer solids, and would also enjoy a grey, but would really prefer a clear anodized pretty much anything that they make.


Im about to order the Wasteland and match it with bright orange string