Can I start over? I love My Code 2

Can I start over? I love My Code 2

Yesterday I started a thread complaining that my code 2 did not look the same color as it was advertised of High Speed Yo Yo’s website. I might have come off sounding like an ass that was complaining and I would like to start over. Brett offered me a refund, but after I looked at my yo again I noticed that I had put a tiny mark on it with my watch so I told him about it and I agree that he should not take it back now. Ok so my yo isn’t the exact color has his photo I’m over it, sorry if I seemed to be a complainer, this yo yo is amazing. Thanks go out to Brett from High Speed, One Drop, and the forum members who tried to help and calm me down yesterday.

This was only my fourth modern yo yo purchase. My second all aluminum yo purchase. My first was over 15 years ago when I bought a Custom Yo. One Drop seem is an awesome company, I have read so many good things about the company from other throwers and I am allready looking at buying a second one probly a Dietz. I am a still a very new thrower and am just getting into advanced tricks, but it really is nice to play with such a great yo yo. I really don’t have enough experience to comment much more about the yo except to say I really like it.

Thanks for Listening

Welcome, fresh start in my book

1: Yeah, sometimes the colors might not come out perfect. Companies work hard to do their best to try to make sure they do come out perfect though.

2: Welcome to customer service! In general, I’ve noticed great customer service from not only companies that make yoyos, but the companies that also sell them as well. I’ve only done one purchase from HSYY, and it was an Albatross, which arrived with no incident or problem. Well, that’s not true. Now my problem is I want whatever the next G Squared yoyo will be. OK, maybe some of us don’t have REAL problems…

3: I’m waiting for my Code 2 to ship(from another seller). I’m super pleased with my other One Drop yoyos and I can’t imagine the Code 2 being anything less than equally amazing at the very least. Even as a relatively new player or even a moderate/intermediate, having a great yoyo can really help with landing the tricks.

Go play!

Awesome, well it’s a learning experience for sure. The only time this has happened to me was actually a good thing, David posted pictures of the cosmic death ray, which looked pink to me…but I went to the shop and found out they were purple and had to have one. The pollack wash also photos like it’s white, but it’s silver.

I manage a camera store, and photos are important to me, I understand why you were frustrated at first, but honestly I knew brett/david would take care of you. First impressions stick with you, and so hopefully it won’t dissuade you from buying more one drops.

I totally understand that photos often look better than the actual product. However, I also believe companies should strive to present photos that are a more accuarate representation of what the product really looks like.

The OP had reason to be disappointed as the actual product wasn’t just a bit different in color, it was totally different.

Just sayin, there may have been a bit of complaining but there was a huge difference between the pic and the product!

Not true. I assembled those and Brett’s photo is pretty accurate. The conditions for perfection in this are just about impossible. Everyone’s monitor has a slightly different hue and the lighting in the room can affect how the yoyo looks. Look at a yoyo inside and then take it outside and it will look different.

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Good point. Not everyone calibrates their monitors. They just plug it in and go. I guess I don’t think about this since I calibrate all my displays since I do a lot of video editing.

Unless someone is throwing up a calibration card/image and then the user is calibrating to it, that’s the part we can’t control. Having the photographer do color correction at the capture stage helps a lot. If not, taking a calibration shot and then doing it all afterwards.

You would know better than I. The differences in the two initial pics were very extreme.

Anyway Thanks everyone I’m glad to be here