Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!


We’re working on improving the design and considering a new manufacturer. We will have them in stock eventually, but not sure how long it will take at this time.


Any word on the new freehand?


According to Steve Brown, the new freehand has a faulty mould, they all come out wobbly. So it’ll be quite a while until they’ve sorted that out and put them into production.


Yeah, the new Freehand is still in the testing stages, it may be a little while before we get them in.


Are there going to be anymore rallys from one drop?


The Rally has been discontinued. There were some machining problems with them and it just took too much time and energy to produce. They are shifting gears to work on other projects, there might be a different plastic in the future, but no info on that at the moment.


That’s disappointing…for such a pain to produce it sure was an EXCELLENT product! :-\
Oh well…knowing the way One Drop operates, they will come out with an even better plastic!


new L5?


Do you mean new colors of the L5 or a new version of the L5? We haven’t heard anything about a new L5 coming out yet.

(Yoyo_Master) #570

Will yoyoexpert be getting any C3 Krown St. In stock anytime soon?


Will any gold horizons be ordered soon?


We’re still waiting to hear from C3, but we should be getting the Krown St in with their other new yo-yos they announced during worlds.

Horizons are in production at the moment, not sure exactly what colors will be available, but I would guess we’ll have more in a few weeks.


I saw on clyw’s insta that they said they shipped some new stuff to drop tomorrow? is this true?


Nothing dropping here today… Maybe they meant next week.


Will any toxic prime strings be shipped any time soon?


Let the yeti hype begin once more…


Speaking of plastics, do you have any news on Yoyojam Classics? I can’t find many at most shops, and even fewer have color selections.


There are some Solid Orange Classics en route to us, but that is all YoYoJam has for colors at the moment.

(Erik Kerber ) #579

And that was 8 days ago YETI HYPE good thing I already have one and don’t have to worry about sitting in front of my computer for hours like last time


Is there an ETA on the yetis yet? I don’t know how much weight my opinion carries, but please don’t stagger the releases like last time. Or if you do, at least stagger them later in the day.