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Will Worlds Mystery Boxes be released before or during Worlds?


Will there be a worlds pack?


still looking out for the C3 Level 6


The new Czech Point colors look amazing! We do not have them yet, but i’ll try to find out when they should arrive.

The contest bags are still a work in progress - We’re updating them and trying to get a better foam instead of the old stuff that wasn’t really protective enough. Working with a manufacturer over seas so it may still take a little while to get them in stock.

There’s a new run in the works but we probably won’t have them until sometime after WYYC.

If we gave away any information then wouldn’t be a mystery would it?



Ben said you guys already have them… Waiting.


Wolrds isn’t for 9 days .

I wouldn’t be surprised if they wait up until a few days before.


If you get some C3 Level 6 yoyos and sell em at nationals. Keep one hidden for me under the table :grin:


Ben says a lot of things…

I’ll make a note to bring some to Nationals if they’re in stock at that time.


Aurora REPLAY… Drooool.


Then I’d have to get one.


We should have those online soon!


Unlike Hans, who barely says a word :wink:


Kinda odd seeing my last name, knowing your talking about someone else lol


When are you guys expecting the new rebellion lineup as well as the new colors for the current models?


I find the Rebellion line-up is slightly copying the Benchmark series.

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I mean they are cheap yoyos based on the designs of their higher end models.

And benchmarks are different?


The only thing I find similar between the two lineups are the low prices, other than that I don’t really see any similarities.

(Buddah_) #559

Any idea when the Duncan counterweight set will be back in stock?

Also, will you be restocking the two color YYF Replay Pros?



will there ever be any more 12 and 24 slot yye bags