Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!


Probably going to be a few weeks before a restock, but we will be getting them.


Will you be getting any MKTs or those new metal drifters:?


MKTs releasing tonight, I should have the page/countdown up later today!

Haven’t heard anything about a new metal drifter though, where did you see that?


Any possibility of C3X fingerspin a being restocked soon?


Will TMBR be releasing anything soon?


When will a new shipment of C3 Speedaholic v2 be available for purchase?


We just got in a very small restock:

Not sure if/when C3 will be making the next run of speedaholics. I think they had some production issues.

I’ll see what I can find out!


Thanks Garrett, order placed!


I’m very interested in this too.


Any ETA on type 10 cotton string restock?


We have an order placed so shouldn’t be too long. I would guess a week or two.


Delrin edge?


No info yet.


Do we have a release date for the ND ultra?


Will you be getting the One Drop Deep State? :slight_smile:


Any word on YYR size IR Pads?


Hey any possibility of more of Kayak in the fade colorways?


We have some custom colors coming in soon!

We should be getting some next week I believe.

Haven’t heard anything from CLYW about Kayaks recently. You can try asking them for more info though.


Will there be any restocks for the large contest bags in the near future?



We’re working on getting a restock, but unfortunately no ETA at the moment.