Brainstorming a Ti-Vayder logo

(Gary Keeler) #82

I’m wondering if I should do roughly the same pose, but add in the yoyo crinkling under the pressure


My girlfriend is gonna draw one tonight. She’s an awesome artist, especially with drawing hands so ill post it when shes done :grin:


Yea dude, try it! Im thinking that it might be hard to draw a crushed yoyo, but I can’t draw worth a damn, so maybe not. Otherwise, I like the last one you did best, but draw out the fingers more like he is trying to hold a ball of magic.


Oh man I am loving the concepts y’all are posting in here :heart_eyes:

One suggestion – make the “force” really exaggerated, maybe draw cartoon force lines.

(nice close up of the glove here too btw)


Maybe try a clenched gloved fist and the Ti Vayder “force choking” it at the wrist with string?

(Gary Keeler) #87

Next version. One with force lines one without. The one with would need to be tweaked a bit for a sticker.


That looks amazeballs! :star_struck:

Definitely a fan of the force lines myself!

(Gary Keeler) #89

It’s a fun project. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with.

@codinghorror and @HVizier if you guys like this direction let me know. I’m sure we could work something out since I’m just doing it for the fun of the project :slight_smile:

(SF Yoyos) #90

The one with the force lines is incredibly cool

(Patrick Dressel) #91

Love that work!

(ClockMonsterLA) #92

Force lines are an interesting idea, but I think we want to be careful that they don’t look too much like electricity. I know that Emperor Palpatine had blue lightning as a Force power, but Vader didn’t (that we know of), and besides that I always thought the blue lightning thing in RotJ was kinda dopey.


Perhaps they could be slightly larger and more smudgey to indicate they are force and not lightning?


Okay guys and gals, things are moving along smoothly. Jeff and I spoke directly via phone chat for a while this afternoon about this run and the future of VsN. I should have a proto Ti Vayder in my hands this week. Things are looking incredibly optimistic.

At this point I am 95% sure that this is happening, and when I say this, I’m referring to not only the Ti Vayder, but also the return of Vs. Newton.

Yep. You read that right. It may in fact be that time.



So happy to see this all come together :heart_eyes:

(Gary Keeler) #96

Super excited to hear both parts of that news!


My girlfriend painted this :grin:


This has black TiVader with Zipline’s business class cherrybomb written all over it :smiley:

(Justin ) #99

Welcome back :blush:


I have to say I am super digging on @iamkeeler’s work. I don’t want to throw a wet blanket on anyone else but I feel like this is so close that we can almost call it done.

@iamkeeler could you do a tweaked sticker friendly version with less lightning-y force lines (a bit thicker and more smudgey), and include the logo text at the bottom?


literal freehand