Brainstorming a Ti-Vayder logo


For the Ti-Vayder project I decided not to go with any engravings on the yo-yo except for the number. Keep it simple and clean.

However, for the box, I do want a sticker that looks cool! I have something very specific in mind. I’ve always loved this Yeti logo with the Yeti hand:

So I was thinking something along these lines in a comic book art style… Darth Vader gloved hand, holding the yo-yo, but flipped upside down so it is holding the yo-yo up, kinda?


Imagine just Darth’s hand, but with a yo-yo in it?

I can pay a fair market rate for the artwork / design, if someone knows any artists that are available and are interested.

(Choncworth) #2

Digging the idea.

(Jared ) #3

Days like this makes me wish I hadn’t sold my tablet. How funny, the graphic designer who can’t design because he sold his equipment. To finish his graphic design degree. :roll_eyes:

(Jared ) #4

Also, I think the yoyo needs to be floating. Use the force whoever designs this. I know I want to try.


Diggng the Idea!!, also what if he’s using a Force Choke on the Throw? So maybe having some dents in the shape of his hand? Or something to that extent?


vader helmet except the bottom is a half of the ti vayder


Aw comeon, I mean it have to be the helmet, right?

(Jared ) #9

I mean it depends how much Vader you’re comfortable with using before you get sued by Disney.


Well right, that’s why I was thinking just a glove was safe, versus say… the super iconic helmet :wink:

(Jared ) #11

@codinghorror Agreed. I love the idea of a yoyo being force choked.


Now thats actually a great idea!

(Paul Carroll) #13

Hello, I’d love to help. I run a doodle blog over here:, but can absolutely do stuff in a more exaggerated/outlined comic style.

Coincidentally, I do draw a lot of hands :smile:


Oh man let’s make this happen Paul!! Just PM me, anything roughly along the lines of that Yeti drawing above will work great!


Really like all the ideas. I don’t have any except don’t make it too busy.


Keep it classy! Less is more!!


I’d probably talk to me a bit before continuing.

Who knows. Maybe we can all get along again?

({John15}) #18


(Jacob Waugh) #19

Profits go to purple yo-yo, Disney can’t be that dumb.

(ClockMonsterLA) #20

Disney won’t bother pursuing legal action. This is too small potatoes. It would cost them way more in clerical and legal expenses just to get something filed with a court in, presumably, San Francisco, than they would ever recover in damages. In fact, I doubt it would even be worth it to them to send a C&D on Disney letterhead.

(SF Yoyos) #21

Large media companies have sent C&D to yoyo companies over small things before.