Ti Walkers might come back if Heath gets 200 likes on this link.



A great yoyo but…
Would be sad if he did a second run after he promised the first run would be the only run to the throwers/collectors that got one :-\

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i know, right?

i never intended to make more ever. even if i do this time, they will be slightly different, and definitely not numbered or lasered.

im still on the fence about as a whole. these factors are pro Ti Walker thus far

  • at least 1 email a day asking for more (since they sold out over a year ago.)
  • my team needing more to compete (they each have only 1, and testers have beaten the crap out of them)

and the cons

  • i said i wouldnt do them again (a big con. easily outweighs most pros)
  • another 200$+ yoyo from VsNYYC

i think 200 likes is pretty hard to meet within reasonable time, and i dont intend to keep the status up long. i was more testing the waters on the idea rather than setting it in stone (as the post states)

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I for one would be somewhat upset if there was a second run, tweaked slighty or not… numbered or not…
I feel it would devalue the TiWalker’s that are already in existence! :-\

My TiWalker was something that was tough to get (…on the day’s it dropped at YYN and YYE… so much stress!! lol…) And I feel it should remain a tough to get yoyo…an elusive throw!!

Why not make a completely different titanium yoyo? A new limited, elusive titanium VsNewton?!


thats what i was thinking as a safe compromise

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Heath I would be happy with that! ;D A new ti throw awesome.

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The emails show demand, but not a willingness to spend. Anyone can ask. Not everyone will plonk down money.

Ah, your team. I don’t know how large your team is, but it seems perhaps foolish just to supply enough for your team, as that wouldn’t make good economic sense. If the public is willing to step up and actually buy enough where you can afford to do whatever your arrangements is to your team, it starts to make more sense.

You did say you wouldn’t do them again. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has changed their minds. The cost of materials has increased since last time, which may make it easier to stand behind this decision.

I don’t think anyone who is truly interested would care that this would cost $200+. They’ll save up, work harder, do what they have to do.

I have a Battosai and a Sky Walker and I’ve been very impressed with these yoyos and your company has certainly proven itself to me.

Here’s a concept:
How would you feel about pre-orders? It’s one thing to say you’re thinking about it. You’ve also been good about not promising or guaranteeing anything. This is very smart on your part. Demand for certain things is high, but demand and willingness to pay are 2 different things. How about people “put their money where their mouth is.”

Personally, I want 2 of these, although not both for myself. A friend, who is a user here as well, wants one, and I’d front the money to acquire 2 so as to ensure he can get one, and he can just pay me back over time, while at the same time, I’d ensure he gets his the day it arrives at my house so he can start enjoying it immediately. But, I’m not insane either, I’d need to know some sort of price, as perhaps it’s too “rich for my blood”.

If you’re serious, and want to ensure it’s worth your time, perhaps people should pay up front, or 50% down or something to show real interest. This doesn’t mean you’re still going to do the run. Maybe you make the offer valid for a period, and if the numbers don’t work, then you can cancel the idea and refund the money. However, from a retailer’s point of view, it might be trickier but can still be handled. I know a few retailers that would probably be interested in this sort of arrangement.

Or, you can just stick with your initial statement of not making anymore. Yes, you’ll disappoint a lot of people. I also don’t think anyone would hold that against you either. I mean, if you decided no, I’d feel let down, but the odds are in your favor that I’m still gonna buy another VsNYYC throw in the future regardless. OK, bad example, in my case it’s pretty much guaranteed I’m gonna buy another VsNYYC in the future.

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in testing these waters, i have now deemed them too treacherous to venture. no more Ti Walkers
sorry guys and girls



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I for one would happily get in line again for a different Ti VsNewton… I would be ready!! :wink:

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Good call on keeping your word Heath!

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A Ti-Battosai would be pretty beast.

I know i will get a LOT of flac for this, but these arnt coins or cards that just sit on a shelf. They are yoyos. i have plenty of limited throws and i would have no if they were reproduced. i mean, so people who more recently started yoyoing shouldnt get an amazing yoyo because people are afraid it would devalue the yoyo? Exactly how many tiwalker owners will ever actually resell them? so i dont think that collectors whining should be a reason not to do another run. HOWEVER, that being said, i do have a ton of respect for heath for considering his word binding. That reason is a good one.


Thanks for at least contemplating it.

I at least have a TI5, so I have one Titanium. I guess that will have to do me!

Actually… Collecting, whether you choose to admit it or not is a huge driver in the yoyo market. Many yoyos do in fact just sit on shelves! I’d go so far as to say that without collectors you probably would not see the diversity of companies, designs and colorways that you see today. You really only need a very small handful of modestly priced yoyos to participate fully as a player in this hobby. You don’t need a $200+ exotic titanium to have fun or compete.

Collecting in the yoyo market is just as justified as collecting cards or coins. Based on the trend towards limited runs, exclusive colorways, serial numbering and boutique manufacturers, I’d say that the market agrees.

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I am sorry to hear this news. I feel like I have been baited and switched.

I am not sure how these waters can be “treacherous”. What is the danger here? Is it real, or imagined? I mean really, how long are you going to leave money sitting on the table? While I can not claim to understand the dynamics of this market - the idea of pandering to “collectors” is just nonsense. What are they going to do? Un-collect?

Stop the waffling - make the yoyos!

…Please :wink:

lol no waffling, we call it crawfishing down here in Louisiana

please refer to Jason Wongs answer as to why companies take care of collectors

i think i will make the Grievous soon, then a Ti version of it

Would love to see this Grievous! But would also like to see a VsNewton titanium yoyo that does not
have a similar aluminum counter part…

I understand why you take care of collectors. But making poor business decisions based on their perceptions and desires just does not make sense to me.

As I underrstand it - you will not make any more Ti Walkers because you said you would not. Because of this, some “collector” believes that if you make any more you have:

  1. Broken a sacred promise to the yoyo gods.
  2. Somehow undermined the percieved “value” of a yoyo that they do not play and will not sell.

I believe that the significant increase in the population of yoyo consumers has made previous comittments irrelavant as well as unfair. This should be the only rational needed to justify making more. Protestations to the contrary are only trying to limit supply for selfish reasons only.