Ti-Vayder: the Ti Walker designer’s review

Disclaimer I am directly associated with this project. Jeff has graciously sought my blessing for it. With that said, it would still be terrible for the legacy of what is easily regarded as my most well received design to be anything but honest in this review.

Sometimes life takes you places you never thought you would go. On even rarer occasions life takes you back to those places.

For a lot of the community, the Ti Walker Is rather similar. It was a rare throw that not many could experience even back in the days of VsNYYC. Those that had/have one rarely let them go. Many have accepted the reality of never attaining one and have moved on.

Jeff Atwood is attempting to change that, and has gone to great lengths to replicate the original Ti Walker design while making very minor changes to modernize the 2011 design. The question is, did he replicate it well enough to truly continue the Legacy of what many consider one of the most well received yo-yos of this decade?

Aesthetics, Shape, and Size:


The Ti-Vayder is definitely machined well. Differences are visible to those willing to look for them, but are mostly simply the reality of the yo-yos coming from different machine shops nearly a decade apart.

Size is identical with the only exception being the Ti-Vayder being 0.5mm wider solely by the modern gap (4.5mm vs 4.0mm). Weight is within a gram.

No issues here. It’s machined beautifully, and matches the Ti Walker in all aspects but width (an intentional change).


I made this it’s own category, because I have a lot to say about it. Nothing too bad, but to me the yoyo looks much better with the Hat Pad/silicone response. The design works just as well with the new 19mm pad response, but it is taking some getting used to aesthetics wise. I know that sounds weird, but ive seen my daily carry Ti Walker yoyo for 8 years, and I see it. Again, no issue, but it’s a clear difference.


Likely what you’re all here for. How does this play compared to an OG Ti Walker?

Well, the immediate answer is rather simple. The Ti-Vayder plays virtually exactly like an end of the decade modern Ti Walker. The gap change is welcomed and accommodating. The feel is so similar to a Ti Walker on the string that I opened the vaults to compare it to all of the ones that I had to assure myself before writing this. It without a doubt has that balance of light and heavy, competition and fun, and overall performance that the Ti Walker is so well known for. I’m thoroughly impressed here. Technology is scary.


The Ti-Vayder accurately and admirably continues the legacy of the Ti Walker while making the necessary minor tweaks to make it more viable in the modern yoyo scene.

When Jeff initially reached out to me (when I finally got to seeing his sent messages) with a request to green light this project I was receptive, but understandably hesitant. The Ti Walker is revered as such a pillar in titanium yo-yos that anything short of a modernized equivalent simply would not do.

After this afternoon and late evening of testing, I can safely say that the Ti-Vayder in my possession meets those goals.

This release is a green light for me. I hope that those of you fortunate enough to get one enjoy it as much as I do, and I am really looking forward to working with Jeff on getting these in everyone’s hands.


I like those iddy biddy walls, they look handy


What a time to be yoyoing


Getting back into yoyoing this was an S rank New year’s resolution for me - what a time to be alive :sob:


Also of note

  • the final release will have standard CT (center-trac) stainless steel bearing, not the ceramic bearings pictured. Heath and I were both kinda unhappy with the ceramics for various reasons, and I’d prefer to go for a known-known here rather than risk the unknown.

  • final release serial number will be engraved on one side only, no leading zeroes


Excellent addition that I forgot to add.


The differences in the size of the response pad and the gap (both of which are substantial), insures that the TiWalker will remain a unique throw that maintains its collector value. I think this is very good for cementing a broad acceptance of the TiVayder within the community.

But the fact that it plays so similarly to the TiWalker makes it an instant must-have, even for TiWalker fans who will undoubtedly want a matched set.

BTW Jeff, have you settled on the finish color?


I agree, and yes. I’ll let him share that info though.


Fantastic bearing choice :slight_smile: and you are using a vendor who already supplies CT bearing under license.


This is just SO outstandingly exciting! I quiver with joy and longing for one of these. Maybe 2.



I have an interesting question.

My question came to mind after a few guys mentioned getting ‘more that one’.

Since it’s going to be a couple months before the Ti Vaders are available for purchase. I wanted to know if you guys were going to set up some type of a program to limit the number that some people with deep pockets are going to attempt to purchase?

Even though I’ve heard that you’re going to make at least several hundred; There may be some highrollers that are going to StubHub them until the people that were actually going to be the end recipients won’t even be able to get one. At least at the economical pricepoint I’ve heard they might sell for?

No doubt; without even doing a poll; more than a half of the people that may want aTi-Vader are just gonna start saving their money with the wishes and hopes that they get one.

And then you have the group of people that are ‘not’ trying to be greedy but want to buy two one to put in the showcase and one to use; nothing really wrong with that line of thinking I would guess. And they don’t have to start saving their nickels and dimes or recycling bottles or working overtime because they already have the money.

And then there’s clowns like me that no matter what you charge for them; I could buy 10 or 20 of them cash in a heartbeat. But I wouldn’t do something like that because then I’d really be an cut throat idiot and nobody would have to tell me that. Because I don’t like to buy stuff And then gouge the market by trying to sell it to some poor saps that couldn’t get in at the ground floor that’s not my style.

And then you have the StubHub mentality kind of guys that will just max out a credit card if they have to and buy an entire armada of the Vaders and start their own little website scalping them for as much money as they can get.

You know that old saying >>>>

No good deed goes unpunished.

Just curious?


I personally would like to have a per-address and per-billing-method limit of two. Not sure what the fulfillment service will be able to deliver on that front though.


And then you have the buyers who might:

  • Buy one of each colorway (if there is more than one) for play
  • Buy a second of each colorway for backup
  • Buy one as a gift for best friend
  • Buy one to be given as a local contest prize

I mean, I can think of lots of acceptable–well, to me anyway–reasons to buy more than just one or two. I don’t plan on buying more than one, but as doc said lots of people surely do, and so how do you accurately judge their motives?


Cap it at two.

For those who want to collect all the colourways all polly pocket style; buy the two you like the most and deal with it that you can’t have a third.


Jeff and I are on the same page here, and have the time to research how to properly execute this.

I think 2 per person is fair and realistic.

I don’t know how this will be enforced, and even if I did I wouldn’t share because that would be giving the scalpers a weapon to use against the integrity of the project.

Just a reminder: 2 is double the limit stores were allowed to sell individuals of Ti Walkers. Andre got the bulk of them because of my unwillingness to compromise on that.


I think that is fair. I would like to go ahead and reserve a Grey and a Black. Thank you :grin:

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I would be hard pressed as to why anyone would need more than 2.

2 is more than generous. Thank you for the opp.


Just give me all the Ti Vayders you have… Wait. Wait…

I’m worried what you just heard was give me a lot of Ti Vayders. What I said was give me all theTi Vayders you have.

Do you understand?

– Ron Swanson


I don’t think you judge, I think you just tell them no. At least for a certain time period to give everyone a shot

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I’m all in favor of putting down a limit. This encourages people to buy them to play them, rather than buying them just to collect them. But I’m sure this will enrage some collector types out there.