Vs. Newton YoYo Concepts: Andrew Maider wins MA States!!!


so, after a rather long list of emails and meeting up with Andre @ WYYC, Vs.Newton YoYo Concepts yoyos are coming to YYE!!!

heres some of the deliciousness and such with specs (current VsNYYC yoyos (not all will be available at YYE, but are being used for reference on VsNYYC colorways)

Sky Walker (i know theres lots of Sky Walkers pics. its the only VsNYYC yoyo thats been out for for 6 months)

OD: 52.8mm Width: 42mm Weight: 65.5g Silicone Groove response and C bearing

Battosai (YYE is getting an LE colorway!!!)

OD: 51.1mm Width: 40mm Weight: 65.5g Silicone Groove response and C bearing


SADR (Secret Agent Decoder Ring) limited to 34 to ever be made

OD: 54.1mm Width: 38mm Weight: 63.8g Silicone Groove response and C bearing

thats all im letting out of the bag right now

feel free to PM me or chat about VsNYYC stuff on this thread


Some of those skywalkers are amazing :o
I’ve never seen such beautiful colorways!
Any idea when I could get my hands on one of those battosai? (battosais? what is the plural for that exactly?)

(M²) #3

love the art


YYE should have them before christmas :slight_smile:


That’ll do sir.

That’ll do. :smiley:

(JosephP) #6

Thanks for making me drool on myself.


Man, I would do anything for a Skywalker. I want one soooo bad!


not anytime soon, sorry


UGH!! Me too!!!


Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please can you restock the Sky Walker, and can you send those yoyos to yoyoz.uk/Yoyonation.co.uk for us British yoyoers because its a long wait ordering from america. Will you be doing the works colour for the battosai? Thanks ;D


Unfortunately for all of the loyalists (not that being loyal is a bad thing), the Sky Walker is a YYN exclusive, though the UK will be getting some on the next run :slight_smile:

(Halbach) #12

Interesting. I’ve been keeping an eye on VsNYYC for a while now :slight_smile:

Really awesome colorways. NFA is who I’m looking to anodize, as well :slight_smile:


i dont get Justin to ano my runs. that would be very ineffective cost wise. i get him to test out colorways i think would look good because hes the best at making them look good hahah

(202andrew) #14

Heath, I need a battosai. The skywalker is the best yoyo in the history of yoyos.

(202andrew) #15

I don’t think yoyoexpert gets the hype over VSNYYC yoyos. Why don’t you guys get the HYPE?

(Halbach) #16

Ehh, either way :slight_smile: They look good.

(jared) #17

that sadr looks really nice…


thanks :slight_smile:


Will YYE ever be getting a run of the Skywalkers?

(202andrew) #20

Nope, unless there is a second run, i don’t think they will be getting them.