The Show of your VS Newton's thread!

(202andrew) #1

Well, show them off :wink: I’ll have a better picture soon. Here are mine :wink:

(Khent G) #2

did vsnyyc give you some of these for free? nice dude

(202andrew) #3

I’m sponsered by them, nobody has any VSNYYC’s? C’mon guys, post them ;D






nice sets guys :slight_smile:

especially cool to see one of the SER prepros up there


I actually got that Raw battosai from Charlie Byers, who placed second in 1a. He put K-pads in it, that silly goose.


I want VS.NYYC so bad! Lol, I have been yoyoing for about 3 months and my mom doesnt see a reason on spending over $50 on a yoyo :’( The VS.NYYC’s look AMAZING!!!

(Halbach) #9

I’ve always wanted to be able to post in one of the VsNYYC threads :slight_smile:


Works works for me. Thanks for everything Heath.


Those Works are HOT!


beautiful stuff man


Time to blow the dust off this old thread!


Just arrived today and I love it


I got this yesterday and am LOVING it! It just makes me so much more excited for my 28 stories skywalker to come!

(CLYW$T3V3) #16

What should I get Septopus or sky walker? I’ve thrown a sky walker but never a Septopus


Quite possibly the best yoyo I’ve thrown and now its mine - The Flying Hut


Not mine anymore but heres a Battosai that I stripped and polished.


I’m thinking about giving my flying hut a mirror polish. How would one go about doing this?


Do it!!! It would look sick!