Initial TiVayder Thoughts

Now that they’re starting to arrive i figured I’d post a thread to gather everyone’s thoughts.

If you owned a Walker how does it compare?

If you were skeptical of the hype, what are your thoughts after playing it?

If you weren’t skeptical of the hype, is it everything you were expecting?

I’ll do a more in depth review after I’ve had it for a bit, but I fall into the camp of those who were skeptical. I was unsure how well an older design would hold up.

Initially the first few throws I was unsure, as all the hype made me expect some incredible revelation if this was indeed the best yo-yo of all time. That’s not realistic though and once I started evaluating it like any other yo-yo I’m starting to see why people praise it so much.

I’m not sure completely where I stand yet, but it’s without a doubt a great yo-yo. Light and mobile while still having a presence on the string, this thing handles direction change with ease and makes even my zippier yo-yos feel slightly sluggish in comparison.

As I throw it more I’ll let you all know where i stand on the “best yo-yo ever” claim, still too early for me to chime in on that, I’m still in the money moon phase.


I’ve played it for an hour, and I have one word. Overhyped. :wink:


Mine barely spins… trading it for a replay pro.


I’ll buy one and send it your address to trade :wink:


Mine came completely naked.

So I guess you could say that ‘it spins; barely.’


Now that the hype has had an opportunity to subside for me, I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks now and here are my thoughts.

It was my first titanium, and I’ve never played anything that feels quite like it. Material wise, the closest I could compare this too would probably be the top deck, even though they play nothing alike. The top deck just has this ring to it.

The shape definitely caters to my preferences in that it’s more on the organic side, and it’s generally speaking, a smaller yoyo. I’m not really fond of jumbo or full-size yoyos as much as ones that settle into this particular size range.

It plays great. Is it the greatest of all time? I couldn’t say because I haven’t played every yo-yo in existence. But it doesn’t play like a 10 year old design. It without a doubt holds its own compared to modern designs very well.

It has a very nice snappy response, making it excellent for laceration style beans and regens.

I do not play speed very well, but this little guy certainly handles everything that I can throw at it. I may not be the most proficient thrower on the planet, but I certainly know my way around a yo-yo, and I do not feel hindered in any way by this model.

Most of all, it’s fun. It has that same fun spunkiness that the Mantis has, but it’s more stable.

and I completely agree with this:

I personally give this one a 10/10. Most of you who know me, understand that while I am not opposed to competitions or comp style throwing, I do not expect an arbitrarily “good” yoyo to deliver the kind of performance that one would expect from your powerhouse competition models.

Anywho, that’s my general assessment after the honeymoon phase.


You finally got a titanium but still can’t spark it :cry: Will smileypants707 ever get to spark a yoyo??? Find out next time!


On Dragon Ball Z!!


Just got #12. My initial thoughts are it plays and feels just like a TiWalker. Weird.


You are more than welcome to tear up your Vayder however you please :wink:


I have not recieived mine yet, but my initial thoughts are that I regret buying it in black. Going by photos I have seen, it seems to have a inconsistent finish on it. The dark grey looks so nice.

I have a black unengraved and it looks great. I wouldn’t sweat it.


Yeah, mine looks great too. I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem trading for a grey if you wanted to.


That’s true. I’m sure I will be happy with it though. I just seen one that looked kinda rough. If I love it, which by the shape I’m sure I will, i may just buy a 2nd.

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I would especially like to hear from @chaosgow on his thoughts since he’s basically a worldwide expert in all things Ti-Walker, was super helpful with feedback in the Vayder process, and got an unengraved Ti-Vayder early to test out as well!

(I also had a random thought, the One Drop Dang 2 almost kinda reminds me of a larger Ti-Walker, but it has that mid-weight bump in the cup…)


I’ve been thinking the same thing, actually. The profile shape is kinda similar, and it has a big hub nub. I think the biggest difference in the sape is the gap (4.33mm) and response. Plus it weighs about 1.7 grams more.


That mid weight cup bump makes it play really differently though IMO. Shape wise it is close, if you subtracted the mid weight cup bump and gave the rims a bit more weight, it’d be close.

To me the “best” description of the ti-vayder, is this – imagine a cross between the 888 and the G2 Hawk, in titanium. I think that nails it.


Spins gewd.
Comfy in the hand.
Nice feeling catch.

Very fine yoyo.



Update: @HVizier and @codinghorror: why you gotta make my other yo-yos less attractive by comparison? You’re going to crash the market by making everything else less desirable.


Lol! Come on now. Don’t butter up this grandpa of a yoyo design. He’s old but he can take criticism.

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