My Collection

I’m super happy with my collection right now, so I thought I’d share.

Row 1: Overdrive Draupnir, Edolass, Banshee SS, Hummingbird
Row 2: VTWO, Pragma, SStatement, Firrox 7075
Row 3: Top Deck, Shutter WA, L, Aurora
Row 4: PLSTC, Moonshine, Loop 720s, Metal Arrow, Flight


Very nice!

I mean it’d look better with a TiVayder in it but…

I’M KIDDING! :rofl:

Seriously though that’s a nice mix of yoyos. Maybe add a wooden fixie in there at some point.


I was seriously debating keeping it just because it looked so good in the case :joy:


Nice collection!

Lemme know if you ever get tired of that Moonshine! :smiley:


Holy heck! Nice collection man! <3

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Is that a Fade to Grey VTWO I spot in there?

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Yes it is!

Is the overall diameter of these throws really that much larger than the Vayder? Have you done the maths on this :three::bear::bear::bear:ies?

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You get what you ask for :slight_smile:

OKAY let’s do the math

Problem: I’m claiming that the Ti-Vayder is

So what does that really mean? Well, yoyos feel small when they have either a small diameter or a small width, so basically, a yoyo feels small when it doesn’t take up much space in your hand. We can quantify a yoyo’s ability to take up space with volume. To do this, we’ll need to simplify a yoyo’s dimensions to just its diameter and width, which, when simplified, leaves us with a nice cylinder for calculations. What I plan to do is create cylinders for all the yoyos in my collection and compare the Ti-Vayder’s cylinder to my collection’s cylinders.

To quantify the difference between my collection and the Ti-Vayder, I’ll calculate the mean and standard deviation of the volumes of all my collection’s cylinders and then see how many standard deviations away the Ti-Vayder’s volume is (essentially how different the numbers are).

Results (from above):
Mean: 434 cm3
Standard Deviation: 25 cm3
Z-Score: -2.21

The results show that the average volume of the yoyo cylinders in my collection is 434 cm3. The Ti-Vayder’s volume is 378 cm3, a whopping 2.21 standard deviations away, which means that the probability of the Ti-Vayder belonging in my current collection is next to 0 (the second picture shows a graph of this likelihood). It’s quite interesting that the Ti-Vayder’s volume is only 12.7% less than the average volume of my collection, as it shows how much a few millimeters matter.

TL;DR: I did the math. The Ti-Vayder is that much smaller than the rest of my collection.

Note: I know this is a pretty inadequate report from a statistics standpoint, I just didn’t want to do all of the proper analysis and explain every little thing lol ALSO I didn’t even conclude if the size of the Ti-Vayder is definitively not enjoyable for me, mainly bc the statistics done answer a completely different question. I think I would need to try a bunch of different yoyos near the lower volume of my collection and somehow determine the threshold for an unappealing volume.


The basic outer dimensions do not alone adequately characterize the feel of a yoyo in the hand, at least not for me.

I’d would suggest that a superior way to determine volume is with mass displacement (i.e., measure the volume of water displaced when the yoyo is submerged). This will more accurately take the shape of the yoyo into account, whereas a simple cylinder disregards the shape of the catch zone, which can vary considerably and contributes meaningfully to how “full” a yoyo does–or does not–feel in the hand.


This thread is incredible right now.


I’m not really trying to quantify the whole feel of the yoyo, but rather the feeling of a yoyo being undersized/oversized, and I think my method is pretty good for just overall size of a yoyo. I do, however, understand where you’re coming from. A yoyo like the Lesula would feel substantially different in the hand from a Ti-Vayder, even though they have similar diameters and widths.

Dang man this is awesome, no question! But wait a second. 24.4 mm width? That’s… not right? Actual width is 42.4mm.


Fair enough. It’s just that in my experience, the subjective “fullness” of a yoyo can make it feel larger or smaller than it physically is, making the “overall size” measurements potentially misleading.

YIKES let me change that lmao

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Looking at the stats in this list, you should be hating on the Metal Arrow quite a bit as well. It’s narrower in width by 1mm, but only 1mm wider in diameter so effectively the same volume as the Vayder.

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Tbf he probably got it in the mystery box and didn’t specifically purchase that yo-yo.

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I also had a formula error that used 44.01 for all the widths…oops

Everything should be fixed now!

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The Metal Arrow is a great slightly undersized yoyo, and it’s advertised as such :wink:

Honestly, this is a big difference. Imo, when you’re comparing two yoyos with similar volumes, the diameter is what’s going to make it feel bigger and better rather than the width.

Also, the only reason I’m hating so much on the Ti-Vayder is to express how let down I was, given all the hype. People claimed it was the best yoyo ever made, it’s amazing, etc. The Metal Arrow on the other hand is described as “slightly undersized” , so I had no real expectations for it. But, I really shouldn’t judge a yoyo by its hype. Good thing I think the Metal Arrow is better than the Ti-Vayder, regardless of my expectations :rofl:

I actually got one free with a Turntable 2.0 during the YYF Black Friday sale last November, and I have yet to get rid of it. It’s a really good EDC because of its narrow width and surprising amount of power.