Ti-Vayder: the Ti Walker designer’s review


I wouldn’t be too worried about the resale aspect. The first copy of the TiWalker was available for pretty cheap as a preorder and regularly sell for ~$150. I don’t think these are going to skyrocket in value due to the sheer amount made and the fact they’re replicas.


The other side of that is:

Allowing collectors to buy two is catering to them twice as much as the original release. I prefer that perspective.

Edit: added phrase to take away from unintentional harshness.


From what ive seen of the BST, significant mark-ups are extremely frowned upon and most people usually can’t get away with selling even rare yoyos at much above original price. At best, an extra Ti-Vayder or two would only be beneficial in trades for older yoyos, which isn’t really that exploitative. Am I wrong in my assessment here?

It would also be nice if there was a way to guarantee getting one via a pre-order. I know lots are going to be made, but high demand yoyo drops can sell out in minutes, and it kind of requires one to be at the computer, cocked and loaded so to speak. Any plans for something like a pre-order?


We haven’t discussed preorders, but the time of release will be given with ample leeway to make plans on being ready (or having someone be ready for you).

I just made a Vs. Newton Instagram. This is the first official Instagram of the brand (I got lots of questions about that of late).

Updates and such will be there as well as here.

({John15}) #25

I’m pretty sure a guy here purchased a TiWalker recently for $750… He put out the request, and someone eventually obliged him. So there are obviously people out there willing to dish out the dough to get what they want, and people who sell for ridiculously high prices. I get the feeling it is only really frowned upon by those who can’t/won’t consider paying well over market price for extremely rare throws.


Value is subjective. People will pay what they believe is the value for a throw. Rarity and personal significance will play a huge part in this regard!

(Gary Keeler) #27

It’s all about supply and demand. Nothing wrong with selling for what the market will pay.

Only part I don’t like is if someone snipes a drop with the sole intent of immediately reselling. But that’s just me.


But this whole reselling, collector thing essentially shouldn’t, or most likely wont, be happening with this yoyo. If there are as many made as it sounds like, and the price it’s said to be at, and the fact it’s an independent release not a company release, or “official” yoyo you’re not going to have the big time collector factor. The other bootleg ti walkers pop up on the BST’s for sale and they almost always sell for less than they were new, and generally sit for a bit before they sell. And there were no where near the number made of those as what this is sounding like.


I agree that a lot are being made so scalping shouldn’t be that bad, but this is an endorsed and official VsN release.

Most accurately, it is a collaboration between @codinghorror and Vs. Newton

(ClockMonsterLA) #30

Vs.Newton x CodingHorror, ftw!


That will be inevitable for a release like this, but the limitations of 2 per person mitigate that threat as much as they cater to those wanting more than one.

There are lots of people that think these may sit for a bit and they may be right, but we will be finding our soon either way.

(ClockMonsterLA) #32

Rather than a straight-up limit of 2, how about a limit of 1 per colorway?



What if there are 5 color ways?

Again, I don’t see the issue with 2.

(ClockMonsterLA) #34

As I understand it, there are only 3 colorways: raw, gray, and black.

Please correct me if I am wrong about that. I’ve asked about colorways and every response I get is along the lines that Jeff already revealed the (3) colorways in his original forum topic.


Rather than correct you, I’ll politely say “soon”. Don’t hate me anymore than you may already do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know everyone is excited, cautious, and overall emotional about this release, but I feel like an adequate amount of info has been shared at this point.

(Pantheon Throws) #36

prays silently for AMS

(ClockMonsterLA) #37

Okay fair enough.

That should at least put to rest the notion that there will only be raw, gray, and black.

(Pantheon Throws) #38

prays slightly less silently for AMS

({John15}) #39

We can hear you praying, you know…

(ClockMonsterLA) #40

What does an “AMS” finish even look like? AMS is a form of titanium, not a colorway, right?