Ti-Vayder: the Ti Walker designer’s review

(Pantheon Throws) #41

screams rather loudly and obnoxiously that I need an AMS Tivayder

(Pantheon Throws) #42

officially shuts up about the AMS Tivayder

(Spinworthy Glen) #43

Just how many of these yoyos do you want @zslane?


It’s a coating. It’s like the silkier version of a hardcoat and gives off a gray color.


I was completely unfamiliar with the AMS process before this endeavor.

It’s rather awesome.


(ClockMonsterLA) #46

Well, if there are no more than 3 colors, then I’d like the option to get one of each. If there are more than 3, then I’d probably just say screw it and forego trying to acquire a “complete set”. So I guess I’m saying that 3 is my limit.

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(Spinworthy Glen) #47

A very reasonable limit of three.

One for each hand…

(InvaderDust) #48

Just addding fuel to the fire here, im not advocating a “more than 2” limit, but I can see someone wanting a third for a competition set? Again, im just stirring the pot :wink:

(InvaderDust) #49

Go for a raw, then commission someone that can do AMS to do a one off for you. It would not be hard to find someone that could help out with this.



Players competing on 8yr old designs!?

Unheard of!!! Or is it…?

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(Pantheon Throws) #51

The AMS2488 type II definition is very specific, and can actually only be bought from the SAE website. And what you get is even just what it’s DEFINED as, not even how to DO the damn coating. I think it would actually be rather difficult to find someone who does AMS, simply because it’s not just an ano job, it’s somewhere between an ano and a coating, so it’s much more complex than just anodizing titanium.

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Honestly I was planning on just getting one then if I really liked it I could just cop one or two off the bst a few weeks later.

There’s so many being made I guarantee there will be multiple being sold a few weeks after release

(ClockMonsterLA) #53

It will be interesting to see how many TiVayders get tossed up to the BSTs in the days, weeks, and months immediately after their release. I have a feeling there will be something of a feeding frenzy over them for quite some time, making relying on the BST marketplace as a means of acquiring them an unreasonably challenging prospect (not unlike me trying to get a nickel Benchmark W off a BST).

(Jacob Waugh) #54

David Metz was on the forum, should’ve gotten one from him then. : (

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(ClockMonsterLA) #55

When was he on the forum?

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(Jacob Waugh) #56

End of february.

(ClockMonsterLA) #57

Ah, well, I spoke with him via e-mail last year and he informed me that he didn’t know where to find one either. :man_shrugging:

(Evan Brown) #58

He’s praying to us

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I noted this in the other topic, but I’ll note it here too so more people see it. Unfortunately Heath only got the raw so he can’t comment on this, but I have handled all three so I can.

If you want more of a “coated finish” yo-yo, go with the darker colors. The raw is the grippiest, the grey is a little slicker / shinier, and the black is a little slicker / shinier still.

I don’t actually have any AMS-finished to compare to, but I can compare a “rootbeer” finished Luftverk Daytona, and a diamond coated Kyo Tinman. The black is overall glossiest (probably due to the heavier coating necessary to get to black versus grey) and is in the ballpark of both of those feel wise.

You’re not just choosing a color, you are also kinda choosing the shininess / slickness of the finish as well. Raw is grippiest and has the most friction – and I assume plenty of folks know what raw Titanium feels like since it’s probably the most common Ti finish.


Glad Heath thinks it represents his masterpiece well.

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