Brainstorming a Ti-Vayder logo


Opening can of worms kind of deal.

(Jared ) #23

@sfyoyos Indeed. I myself have had to deal with this before. Best case scenario, cease and desist order. I always ask. It can turn sour pretty quick if word reaches the wrong ears. Only ever on things that are like “Oh yeah, that for sure belongs to so and so”.

(ClockMonsterLA) #24

Well, I guess it’s a good thing Jeff isn’t a yoyo company then. Seriously, though, there are numerous larger communities/hobbies/industries that rip-off Star Wars and Marvel imagery without so much as drawing a whiff of attention from Disney. Disney has much bigger fish to fry.


Honestly, I’d try to avoid using anything that’s clearly Vader related to try and avoid any issues, especially if this run is as large as you say. I’d say a picture of a cartoon yoyo in space with an “aura” around it to signify the force. Subtle enough to avoid any copyright issues and obvious enough to anyone who knows the name.


I don’t think a glove will be a problem.

I mean, we’re still waiting for Disney’s lawyers to suplex Heath for Ti-Walker, aren’t we :wink:

(Thomas Bellotti) #27

Who knows? Maybe that’s what he was trying to talk to you about with his repeated attempts to contact you for months and months.

I don’t understand where your passive aggressive comments are coming from in response to this actual nonprofit project.

(Spinworthy Glen) #28

I’m not sure if there’s any passive aggression there, but there is a definite vibe that he really isn’t all that happy about the whole thing.

(Patrick Dressel) #29

My cousin is a graphic designer. I can see if she can hook you up with what you’re looking for.


The guy pops up literally the day of the announcement of the project. Makes you suspicious about how much previous contact was attempted, no?

You also have to understand that this is Heath’s design, which was unapologetically copied without consent. If anyone is to have say in how this project continues, it should be him. Whether or not it is for profit or not is irrelevant. I don’t care about the past drama, this is his intellectual property. You should be happy that atm he seems willing to let the project continue, but unfortunately he has been placed between a rock and a hard place; community backlash against him would probably be severe if he doesn’t approve of the project, and I don’t think he wants that at all.

(InvaderDust) #31

This logic is undeniable. As much as i want this project to continue full steam ahead, its for selfish reasons. With his consent, soooo many people will be happy.


This is rather spot on.

I was contacted by several people that thought blatantly taking my designs and running with them regardless of my past wasn’t ok the day the post was made via text and FB messenger.

I take the responsibility of the old email attached to this account previously being totaled (it was a 20yr old compuserve email…), but the communication attempts were meh at best. Especially considering how easy it was for people to reach me when the post was made.

To say that I had a chance to make Ti Walkers and didn’t so that gives someone else the green light to steal my design is just plain ignorant. I don’t see anyone making Peaks or other retired designs because that’s clearly not the right thing to do regardless of patent, copyright, or any other legal standing, and this would be the SECOND time someone clearly and openly did this to me. So yes, I was initially and justifiably annoyed about that.

With that now behind us, I am looking forward to this project and hope it works out. Jeff has sent me a proto to check out and I will see where I want to take things from there. The overall behind the scenes vibe of this project are incredibly optimistic and good.

I hope that helps anyone wondering what’s on my mind here. I know that some of you will never forgive and I don’t expect anyone to forget, but I’ve reached a point now where I feel like I’ve done all that I can to alleviate that and things will just be how they are now with the past being a massive scar that sits as a reminder to everyone of a terrible and painful mistake that was made.

(InvaderDust) #33

We all learn more from a single mistake, than from a thousand successes. Making a mistake isn’t what matters, its how we learn and grow from it.

Thank you for being here, helping clear the air, and at least giving this project a chance and time to consider. The fact you didn’t come out swinging (and you had/have every right to) speaks volumes about the nature of the relationships and goals at hand.

(Thomas Bellotti) #34

You’ve got some nerve taking the moral high ground about your design being “stolen”. Stealing is blowing thousands of dollars that belong to cancer charity. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a more contemptible example of “stealing”.

Regardless, this is not a TiWalker. Multiple changes will be made to improve aspects that were lacking, so this isn’t even a valid criticism. You allude to copyright infringement, if you were to hypothetically hold a patent…on a yoyo shape…which you don’t. These changes would render this imaginary patent useless in a courts eyes, unlike, say, concrete examples of defrauding donors and charities.

Even still, I simply do not believe that you were blindsided by this. Coding says he made multiple attempts, over months to contact you, which is a courtesy he was in no way obligated to extend to you. You say otherwise. I tend to believe him more. I suspect you saw his messages, didn’t respond, as things like this have a way of not coming to fruition many times. You were here right away once he announced it was actually happening, so you being quick to reply in this thread doesn’t hold much weight in my opinion.

And you’ve done all you can to alleviate your mistakes? I was unaware that you repayed cancer charity the thousands you defrauded then of. Must’ve missed that. So in addition to that, you might consider not reacting to someone trying to actually run a fundraising event by being “annoyed”, and “seeing where (you) want to take things from here”. Talk about adding insult to injury.

I’m sure I’m more disgusted by your prior transgressions than others. I watched my mother fight stage 3 ovarian cancer for 14 years, from the age of 2, before finally having to give the OK to disconnect her from the respirator keeping her alive.

We all make mistakes, absolutely. Stealing thousands from charity is a bit different than cutting school or cheating on your girlfriend though

(LJ) #35

He did pay the charity eventually.


I’m not going to comment on most of this post but want to say that two wrongs don’t make a right. Theft is theft. The project seems cool but I am inclined to think people would flip out if someone blatantly copied a G2, Luftverk, or the like. The changes are small. I personally don’t think widening the gap and swapping pads for flowable constitute “multiple changes.”

({John15}) #37

Honestly, it’s been like 7 years. I’m not condoning anything but he did, but I think that it is time for a second chance. I mean, this is truthfully between him and Jeff by this point, and if they want to work this out, they are the ones that are entitled to do so.

And plus, if @HVizier wants to take this as an opportunity to integrate back into the community that he claims to love, it’s on his shoulders to do right from here on out.

(Victorian YoYos) #38

Maybe I’m in the wrong for saying this. But can we please stop some arguing? :frowning: . I know there are different opinions but if Health is on the boat now for this project then where’s the problem? And I know Jeff just wants to make a yo-yo for those that can’t afford Ti such as myself. And profits are going to charity. One of my favorite parts of yo-yos are the community and how we look past our differences for the love of some beautiful spinning metal.


It all got paid back plus some with that evidence here, but you’re of course entitled to be angry still. I know that some will hate me forever, and I have accepted that.

I think you’re choosing to take my transparency as something other than what it is. I was annoyed yes. I am over that now (as stated here), and working with Jeff to get everyone what they want.

I’ve explained myself as thoroughly as I can. If you’re still upset I’m sorry, but I don’t see a point in arguing with anyone about the matter.

(Thomas Bellotti) #40

Honestly, this response is deserving of some amount of respect, at least.

I’d read about all the drama a while ago, and had no intention of commenting on it. I just really take issue with your response to this project, especially as you claim to just want to do anything possible to atone for the past. Any objection to a fundraising effort like this doesn’t seem to fit the bill imo.

I was unaware you payed back to money, so I’m definitely in the wrong there. Glad that happened, however late it may have been.


I completely get that. Thank you for reading and allowing me to further clarify.

Unless something completely unforeseen happens, this run will likely happen. I have never said here or anywhere else to any of you or Jeff that I didn’t want this. The cause is just and the project is fun and to a degree has that excitement and vibe that I was once known for.

I just want it to be done in a way that properly accentuates the legacy of the Original run.